Califonia - Sign the petition against mandatory 25% rent reductions - that A$$shole Phil Ting, State Assemblyman

Tell the State Legislature to Oppose AB 828: the Unlawful, Unfair Attempt to Punish Housing Providers

A new legislative proposal in response to COVID-19 would force every rental property owner in California to reduce rents by 25% and subsidize the rents of their tenants.

AB 828 by Assemblyman Phil Ting ignores the robust rent and eviction controls already in place across California. It provides no assurances that landlords can collect rent, remove problem tenants, or get a fair hearing in the court system. Read CAA’s letter opposing AB 828 here.

We need your help to defeat this bill. Visit our Action Center to send a letter to your legislator urging them oppose AB 828.

This bill denies equal justice to housing providers by:

  • Forcing landlords to reduce rents by 25% even if a tenant cannot demonstrate a hardship or need.
  • Allowing judges and the court system to set rents and change the rental agreements already in place.
  • Assuming every tenant is facing a hardship related to COVID-19 and must be compensated for this hardship.
  • Protecting nuisance tenants as it does not require tenants to answer an unlawful detainer complaint.
  • Mandating that rental property owners demonstrate an economic hardship to collect the contracted rent.

AB 828 is an unfair attempt to allow the government and the courts to give reduced rent and extended tenancies to all renters even if they do not face economic hardships, and it provides no safeguards or protections for landlords.

Click here to contact your state legislator and ask him or her to VOTE NO on AB 828 - Legislation that Cuts Rents 25%.

Urge a no vote


What in the name of communism is this?

Just another day in California


These two phrase about California must be very familiar by this time to many.
A state (referring to the ruling apparatus) in terminal decline.
A confiscatory state.

We are used to it.

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“ The bill would also authorize a defendant, for any residential unlawful detainer action that includes a cause of action for a person continuing in possession without permission of their landlord, to notify the court of the defendant’s desire to stipulate to the entry of an order. The bill would require the court, upon receiving that notice from a defendant, to notify the plaintiff and convene a hearing to determine whether to issue an order, as specified. The bill would require the court, if it determines that the tenant’s inability to stay current on the rent is the result of increased costs in household necessities or decreased household earnings attributable to the COVID-19 virus, to make an order for the tenant to remain in possession, to reduce the rent for the property by 25% for the next year, and to require the tenant to make monthly payments to the landlord beginning in the next calendar month in accordance with certain terms. The bill would require declarations under these procedures to be filed under penalty of perjury.”

If the state wants to help, then they can pay the 25%. This could completely overwhelm the court system with hearings.

I think time for Newsom and his friends to be voted out.


To be fair its not Newsom specifically. Its people like -

David CHIU - AB1482 (statewide rent control)
Phil TING - AB828 (statewide 25% rent reduction)

I don’t know what it is about these people, or what causes NorCal Bay Area Asian Americans to go apeshit when they become legislators, but I can say that I hate them all.


Ting is a communist. Confiscate my property and you have to pay or you are a fascist or communist. The progressives have shown their true colors. Where is government bailouts for landlords?

What’s up with the Chinese/Asians? We don’t like money anymore?
We’ve gotten too comfortable.


To be fair David Chiu and Phil Ting are Taiwanese Americans, probably got brainwashed by the likes of Han Kuo Yu and his predecessors. They like their money, but want to confiscate your money.

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The Wikipedia entry on Han Kuo Yu says he was a member of KMT party. If I recall correctly, KMT was supposed to be nationalist. I do not know if it supported property rights and free markets. Though I would like to believe it did because its predecessors were overthrown by the communist regime in mainland china in 1949. But, then KMT ruled Taiwan as one party system till 1986. So, I do not know what was the position of KMT on things like property rights and free market.

Just sent my protest email. Follow this link from OP:

My properties are spread out in multiple towns so I sent one for each. Every property owner should follow the link and send one. Just take 30 seconds.


Dear Housing Provider,

Your letters made the difference.

Thanks to you, more than 56,000 messages flooded the inboxes of state lawmakers with requests that they reject AB 828, the bill that would allow the California courts to cut rents by 25%.

This swift and strong response of opposition from rental housing providers, vendors that serve the industry, and attorneys who practice landlord-tenant law had an impact.

Some lawmakers, including Sen. Pat Bates, R-Laguna Niguel, have publicly opposed the bill. The Southern California News Group also has editorialized against the measure.

“Assembly Bill 828 purports to protect tenants during an emergency, but poses a grave threat to property owners and established contracts – and could obliterate California’s already tight rental market even after the crisis passes,” says the editorial, which appears in the Orange County Register and includes an excerpt from CAA’s opposition letter. Specifically, AB 828 would do the following:

  • Allow the courts to force landlords to reduce rents by 25% — even if a tenant does not show a COVID-19 hardship or need.
  • Allow the courts to set rents and change rental agreements already in place.
  • Protect nuisance tenants. The bill does not require tenants to answer an unlawful detainer complaint.
  • Mandate that rental property owners demonstrate an economic hardship to collect the contracted rent.

AB 828 by Assemblyman Phil Ting has not yet been assigned to a committee for a hearing. CAA’s leadership recognizes that everyone is struggling in our current environment, but AB 828 goes too far. Unfortunately, what has been left out of this and other proposals are dollars devoted specifically for rental assistance, as well as mortgage and property tax forbearance.

Please stay tuned for our next action alert when or if this bill is set for a hearing. Tenant groups are already mobilizing on this bill, so we’ll need to keep telling lawmakers that this bill goes too far and is the wrong solution to helping families financially recover from the effects of COVID-19.

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Phil Ting in the news again. Dirtbag.


Vote him out. The looney left has shown its true colors. Just like in 1968 when the nation had a virus and a war the progressives as known now rise up and try to steal what they can’t earn. Free rent free medical free education free food. Looting with no consequences. When hardworking taxpayers are not vigilant the left will steal everything they can.

My liberal friend from SF is visiting. He is from the Bernie generation. The rip off generation. Anything you can get from the Man for free is legit.
He has free rent. His $1500 2bd bay view rent controlled apartment on Potrero hill should rent for $4500. His techie roommate pays all the rent. His landlord with 9 units hates him. Plus while in Mexico vacationing Uncle Sam gave him $3500/m unemployment. Self employed jeweler… still makes cash on the side.

These 70 something hippies still control SF. Have been ripping off SF for 50 years. The whole city is full of corrupt individuals trying to game the system.
Corruption has been a key to the cities character since the gold rush. And we wonder why city officials and employees are corrupt too.

My friend is interesting and charming. Has friends all over the world. Does not need to hustle.

Meanwhile in 1968 the “moral majority” won. Conservatives won. Will happen again in November.
No matter how repugnant Trump seems.

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I agree with a lot of this except for your conclusion. Trump has forced the country to the left. This time around the “moral majority” would rather have your charming but corrupt hippie friend than the repugnant and more corrupt DJT. The Republican Party used to be about ‘family values’ but has been overrun by charlatans and bigots thanks to all the lying and self-dealing from ‘Big Mac.’


All you do is reveal which media you follow. If you think that behavior is unique to one person or party, then you aren’t paying attention.

Didn’t say it was unique…lots of crooks out there on both sides, but it is particularly egregious never mind flamboyant in an individual that happens to be the President. It’s no small feat to turn ~75% of your former cabinet members against you (who are all self-professed Republicans).

Btw about half of my media comes from Drudge…appreciate he’s a ‘Rhino’ these days to the die-hard MAGA crowd.

There’s a reason the whole system has so much corruption. Career politicians end up with a net worth much higher than they should have based on their incomes. It’s up to voters to demand change from both sides. If not, we will just flip flop between corrupt candidates from both sides.

Personally, if I know the system is corrupt then the smaller the system the better. There’s no way I’d want it to be bigger with more control over our lives.

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