California rated lowest state for quality of life

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This list is suspect. Dakota, Min, Mississippi and Arkansas. Who would ever visit? Let alone live in these states. Maybe these people just don’t expect much and complain little. Californians complain too much. Need to go vacation in Mississippi In August and count their lucky stars…

Be careful with that… last time I expressed the same sentiment here and used the term “hillbilly” and had a whole bunch of angry folks chasing after me…

You need to learn the difference between redneck and hillbilly…:sunglasses:
Lowlands like Louisiana and Mississippi don’t have hills. Therefore no hillbillies.

You are right! I was criticizing North Dakota. But I think technically it is flat :slight_smile:

Traditional hillbillies are from the Ozarks. I wonder if there are technically any left.

Minnesota is a great place to live except the weather.

It rated very high. Never been there. Great for hunting and fishing. I heard the state bird is a mosquito…:sunglasses:

Also has the biting flies. Worst.

I figure if you live there you have to have a good sense if humor

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