California State Estate Tax and Statewide Rent Control?

Are you against or for a 40% California estate tax? California voters banned state estate tax in 1982.

Are you against or for a statewide rent control? California voters banned rent control for most properties in 1995.

These 2 bills are proposed by the lawmakers from the same city which is called 7X7

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Rent doesn’t double or triple in a year. Anyone getting a rent increase that big was paying below market rent for years. Instead of seeing that as a benefit they were fortunate to receive, renters feel entitled to keep that benefit forever. Of course politicians are all to eager to label those renters as victims and offer to help.

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Blame the 7x7 liberal residents such as @manch, @wuqijun, @aalj, …

In any case, told you to run… to Austin. Liberals are getting crazier and crazier.


@BAGB also lives in SF.

Why you put me in the same category as @aalj.

Why leave CA? Be a boss like @Elt1, who chose to stay in CA even though his place is walking distance to Nevada. :smile:

@manch and another poster are the far left people in this forum. You have to blame those 2 :innocent:

Feds get 45% State gets 40%. The rich will flee when they get old.

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