Campbell, Santa Clara and San Jose


Agree. The only reason for rate hike is to fight inflation. But globalization is wage crusher, so is IT, of course except those happen to be in the right IT jobs. Econ 101 says without wage inflation, not likely to have general inflation. So, unless the world stops globalization, low rate is the new normal.


Agreed! There are other invitations too. Like it or hate it, fracking is deflationary. Self-driving semis will be very deflationary. Most innovation is deflationary. Even Uber and AirBnd are deflationary.


Econ 101 is micro. Macro is at least Econ 102.


Changed. My son learns Macro during high school, no micro was taught.


There are a lot less renters this year suggesting big names employers are not mass hiring. All kinds of people looking, lookie, want discount…95129, 95130, 94051
Your rental site is down. If you got it going I kind like to know…

Sam Shueh Realtor
Campbell, CA



Having come to a stage of “enough for growth”. All I need to do is just clear my debts, I am perfectly fine to go retirement at 62 easily.

12 years I was hosting many sites, not generating any revenue. Then, last year closed all sites.including I am winding up all programming or any new initiatives, planning for some kind of semi retirement.


How about this one in Campbell?


Ok, reached HOT status, must be pretty decent for the price…


How sad, now for a $1M budget you can barely look in Campbell. Used to be, for $1M, you can buy pretty much anything in the South Bay except Los Altos.


Only because I don’t follow the pricing down there, but if Sunset 2/1 boxes with hardly any yard are going for 1M+, well, I would have thought homes down there would easily go for more (considering the supposedly better schools, space, yard, etc). Hence, why I posted that Campbell home for comment. Sounded reasonable…


In 2002 when I landed on west coast, 3/2 SFHs in Cupertino cost around $800k, now you can’t buy any condo in Cupertino for that price.

Cheapest condo on the market, 10214 Nile Dr asking for $888k :grin:


Whatever happened to the mystery office building