Campbell Self Storage

Didn’t tell what the price is. If you signed the NDA you can download the rent roll. It does make a lot of money. Public Storage is managing the property, not owner of the real estate.

Price must be pretty high… :thinking:

Great location, very old building…probably needs to be rebuilt…probably worth $8m…but may cost $2m to rebuilt.
41ksf net rentable space called out even though they say 7852sf


Is it worthwhile for 10 of us to put in $1mil each to form a LLC to buy, rebuild and rent out this facility?

“crunches numbers”… nope. illiquidity problems.

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@hanera, did you already crunch the pro forma? No desire to set up an account to view information.


Looks like comps are about $2.50/m rent per sq foot…$100k/m
Probably want more than $12m…too rich for me…




Keep looking :scream: