Can Econ 1 Be Required Of All Humans At Age 10?

What is a “rigorous community engagement process”? Do they think if they sit around and talk about having affordable housing, then something will magically happen?

“reviews and community approval process added close to 12 percent more to the total cost of a project”

“Raymond disagreed with that math, and argued that a streamlined process would cut out residents, especially people from working-class neighborhoods who would have even less input on a new development that they saw as problematic. They’d also have less pull in negotiating for affordable housing units or other resources associated with a new building, she said.”

In other words, residents would have less leverage to blackmail developers into paying for other stuff they want in the neighborhood. Those things drive up project costs which drive up pricing. Besides, isn’t this mostly about renters? Should renters really have a big say in their neighborhood? They are renters. They don’t own the property.

This whole thing is outing these “housing advocate” groups. They are nothing more than the typical liberal group. They claim to be helping the working class and poor. Those people will vote to support them. Meanwhile the very things they are voting for are hurting them.

I think Raymond just disagrees with math in general.

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