Can SV Be The Heartbeat Of Technology For Good?

Huff post writing about tech? They should stick to what they know like white women problems.

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This piece is touching the area of the Unicorns…
These advances are rapidly taking shape, and many we haven’t dreamt of yet will follow over the years ahead. With such rapid technological innovation traditional industries are being disrupted quickly, and many existing brands, institutions and governance systems will have to adapt or risk becoming irrelevant.

Didn’t you see the pic of their editors? They posted it to brag about their “diversity”.

Sooo, I shouldn’t post any more stuff from them???

Go to Breitfart, they have better things to read, like how to make a deal with the Russians. Twhitler has a diploma of that school.:stuck_out_tongue:

I think they are the female version of Breitbart. Pretending either one is journalism is dangerous. They both push a heavily slanted agenda. Their agenda is more important than reporting news.