Can the Bay Area keep up with Seattle and Los Angeles transit network growth

An old map of where the tech companies are in Seattle:

I looked at the South Lake Union area. Price is indistinguishable from SF. When you look at the tech map you can see why.

This is what I got when I entered the filter criteria “3BR+ under 600K” in Redfin:

The closest you can get are the townhomes around I-90. That lone SFH close to S. Lake Union is a junker with some unfinished work. These townhomes are priced around the same as the one I have in W. Oakland. Rent number is also similar, and they are barely cashflow neutral. Just the way I like it… :slight_smile:

Anyone familiar with that area? Any other areas I should check? (Window) shopping real estate is lots of fun… :smiley:

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This list is pretty good even though it’s from 2015.


@marcus335 any feedback on Kirkland & Bothell?

Damn it, we keep losing to Seattle (and we ain’t talking football)…

I’ve heard really good stuff about Kirkland. I haven’t visited there. It’s between downtown and Redmond though which is pretty ideal.