Can Trump grow the economy as much as he promises?

File this under promises that will be next to impossible to keep: President-elect Donald Trump’s vow to create 25 million new jobs over the next decade and boost economic growth to 3.5 percent annually, and perhaps as high as 4 percent.

Economic growth rates have fallen in recent decades for two primary reasons: slowdowns in labor force growth and in productivity growth.

Both have stayed low, and they are secular trends no president can reverse.

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If his sweeping reforms in tax, trade, energy and regulatory policies are properly implement as he promised, there is a potential for USA growth beyond 4%. Even though FED applies rate hike, he will still improve US economy more than 4%.

If rep congress, the suggest 20% corp, mess with his ideas, it may not properly work. Companies, like AAPL, won’t bring money from Ireland to USA with 20% corp tax, but with 15% corp tax workable !

We achieved over 4% under Bush once he cut taxes. Every tax cut since WW2 has led to at least 3 years of 4%+ growth.

If you look at prior cuts, tax revenue is actually higher the year after tax rates are lowered. That’s because they project tax revenue using a static model. We end up growing GDP by more, so tax revenue is higher after we cut tax rates. It’s one of those fallacies up there with when interest raise go up, then home prices must go down. Both the tax and home price thing have actually never happened, so I have no clue how they get repeated so often as assumed true.

Anyone knows Ireland well? Is it a good idea to buy a rental house in Ireland?

Buy in Dublin only…third world, 90% of the money in the capital. .Lived there 45 years for a year…nice people crappy weather. .figure high exterior maintenance costs

There’s a lot of tech in Cork.

Ireland has rent control, no investment value

Wow! From the US economy to Ireland?


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I know plenty of Irish here…they go home only visit family. …not much opportunity there comoared to the biggest economy in the world

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