Can We Eliminate The Electoral College Now?


I don’t think it’s clear that the popular vote would have been the same had people thought their vote always counted. If you’re in CA or NY, you know the outcome–your state will go democrat. So why bother vote unless you have an opinion on local issues?

Hillary won by 400K popular vote which is a super-small percentage of the vote (0.3%). So the question is are there just 400K more people who would’ve shown up for Trump if they knew how close the election would’ve been. The decision to vote is very different when you know your state will go blue by a 3:4 margin than if you think the vote will be super close, and you as an individual could literally make the difference like in Florida.

It also makes a difference in how the candidates campaign. Did Trump even come to CA? Why bother? If candidates knew it was a popular vote, they’d hit the big cities much harder and not bother with the burbs. Instead the EV makes it the opposite.

The rules of the game are clear, and everyone plays the game accordingly whether they realize it or not. So it’s not meaningful to calculate the score differently and then say “Oh but, if we’d done it that way, someone else would’ve won.”


Because you’re getting paid to do it?

(Or such is the rumor…)


Well, because it is a fundamental right of what this country stands for. Peaceful protesting is everyone’s right as long as you don’t infringe on the rights of others. Too much protesting, well, you are either filthy rich and have the free time, don’t under how our government works or just another plain lazy whiner.


I think protesting has a point. Politics is people’s business, it’s not a binary on/off win/lose football game. It’s messy. The entire civil rights movement came about from protests, first from a single woman’s refusal to give up seat to a white person. Many governments were brought down by massive protests.

The protesters are letting DC and the world know they are very unhappy. They are applying pressure, so the future Trump admin will think a bit more before pushing divisive policies. It will also stiffen the D’s resolve to fight.


All they freaking had to do was:

  1. actually vote
  2. actually vote for their candidate, who happens to be a woman


I have not seen any data on this. But based on the social media stories I have seen, many of these people have indeed voted. That’s why they are so frustrated. They felt that their votes got robbed by the midwest folks whose value they don’t share. Even though they have more (popular) votes they still lost.


You ask, and you shall receive oh Great One…


Are they the protesters? We don’t know.

But ultimately that really doesn’t matter. Like I said protesting is part of the democratic process. It’s a way to influence government policy, just like voting.


Come on, @manch, you know it and I know it, a lot of people simply do not vote. They honestly do not believe their own one vote will have any impact. Of course, then, another idiot thinks like that and soon…it freaking adds up to 100 million!!! That’s what you get for non participation people!!! Hope you love The Donald for the next four!!!


Of course, just our luck…

Voter turnout this year dipped to nearly its lowest point in two decades.


These are separate issues. Of course people should always vote. But they can protest too. Having voted is not a prerequisite. Why do you think it’s protected in the constitution? It’s one of the ways democracy gets done.

In case anyone wonder I don’t condone vandalism or violent protests. Protests should always be peaceful.


Well obviously Sire! As I stated above, the right to protest is a fundamental right and a pillar of what this country stands for. I get it. I am just still in the fog and dismayed as to what people were thinking when they pulled The Donald lever instead of The Hillary lever. But you are right, we must give The Donald a chance…God that Vancouver condo at 550K average is really sounding enticing…:slight_smile:


Are people too self centered or what? If they want to immigrate to another country, be my guest. No one gives a damn about whether you stay or leave. You should do what’s best for yourself.


Voting should be made compulsory. Sometimes, you shouldn’t allow choice.


I pointed out a majority thought Hillary was untrustworthy. Turns out a bunch of voters decoded to not show up and vote for her.


Yup, no participation no cake for you!!!


These protests have nothing to do with democracy. …mainly thugs looking to loot and cause mayhem…Why werent they out on the streets for Hillary before the election when it would have mattered? Point is these protesters just want anarchy not democracy, and now it is just sour grapes…Everytime they(, BLM, the 99% and other radicals) block a freeway or destroy property, Trump gets more and more support. .In fact the incessant whining on the left has made me more pro Trump and I cant stand him…


@elt1 you lived thru the Nixon and the Vietnam war years. Trump wants to be a “law and order” president and looks like he will get what he asked for.

The next time a white cop shoots down a black person the protests will be HUGE. Brace yourself for a playback of the 70s.


The protests and division today pail in comparison to 1968…A very similar election with two hated canidates. .Clinton was like Hubert Humphrey. .an establishment politician following in the footsteps of an unpopular leader…Hence I was not surprised by Trump’s victory. …But he will be as unpopular as Nixon and probably less effective. …


Michael Moore already said trump will either resign or impeached in his first term. I think there is a pretty good chance of that happening.

So more like Nixon than Reagan.