Can We Eliminate The Electoral College Now?


Considering what happened in this election, I think more people would be open to a change or fix in the system. Again, simple concept, one needn’t have to take higher math for this: one vote means one counted vote. Everything else is puffery and smoke and mirrors. At the end of the day, no one can dispute a system like this. When you go to the ballot box, you know that your vote will actually count. What a powerful statement that would be, right?


Right, and people would magically increase their IQ, EQ, and suddenly become super informed voters.


You want these kids who need a safe space because of a speaker on campus to vote?


You sir, forward that claim to the white house. DeVos? The lady born millionaire not knowing crap about education? The other dumb at the HUD? Perry? Come on people! Are you dumb as your government?


On the other hand, I leave the barn for a few weeks only to see the fox eating my hens?

I like to debate and put my own examples. Let’s see the topic on the side of protests:

The rioters/protesters had many rallies, they burned and cause damage, you name it. They were anarchist none the less. But never had a death on their record. The latest incident, the protesters were against people who are scum of the earth. Anything against them has my blessing. Why? They advocate for the elimination of people who are not white. Including many on this forum following a party that supports their stance. That means, that if you are Asian, as many of you are, sorry to tell you, better yet, I can’t tell you anything, just guess my thoughts. Naive would be a commendation, believe me.

Then, all the sudden, the first rally from some people idol’s commenting here, :rofl: their Nazi comrades produced the death of one American and here you are, seeing how your coward president didn’t denouncing this act, instead he called them “NICE” but you still support him? A group killing a person is a group of “nice people”? Under your own standards, you qualified as one of them, you don’t denounce them, you belong to them, right?

Oh, did I see you denouncing that death on this topic? Hmmmm…it seems you didn’t, did you?

Now, somebody said radical CA. Does that mean that if your state votes majority for any party, it should be called radical? Wasn’t radical when Arnold reigned? How about those damn dumb red states always voting for republicans but never prospering, and always deciding the outcome of an election even though they are $ suckers, specially the money from the “RADICAL CALIFORNIA”.

RADICAL: a person who advocates thorough or complete political or social reform; a member of a political party or part of a party pursuing such aims. Don’t you see an ignorant president doing this now?

How on earth, you, yes, you, who call yourself smart, can’t accept that majority should be the rule? Gee! Even in the corporate world, the stock holders have an opinion and the majority wins.

I guess it must be that some of you landlords aren’t used to the fact that when you bitch, but don’t attend the meetings regarding housing issues (twice I posted them here, nobody attended) you become that voter you so much despised on this topic. You just seat idle at home while others vote pro-against any proposition. You want the rewards, but not the work. Nice!

Most of democratic countries vote, and the majority wins. They don’t have the circus of the electoral college doing its act.

See how one vote counts, and that the majority should rule. How do you like your life as a landlord seeing the minority ordering how you make your business? Why? Because you never show up to protest not vote!


Is the public informed? How many news outlets have reported the most recent London bombing was by a Syrian refugee? He was allowed into England when he was 15 as a child refugee. Search CNN for London bomber Syrian refugee and there’s no hits about it. ABC, CBS, and NBC aren’t covering that inconvenient fact either. Yet, we’re supposed to believe the public is informed and media isn’t biased.


Eliminate that crappy electoral college. Gee! One vote, one chance to elect your guy.

Very stupid, the small states have more power than California. Gee!


Along the same lines… stop with the games!!! One vote at one time for everyone!!! Does it really make sense that someone’s vote is “more important” than someone else? Absolutely NOT!!!


Why not get rid of super delegates who don’t have to vote for what the people want? The primary system is a joke. Bernie was winning the vote in a state but losing the delegate count thanks to super delegates. The way Bernie got screwed in the primaries was ridiculous.


Sure, I am all for simplification if it really is the true and best way. Why make things more complicated or gray/questionable? No ranked BS elections too. You count up every legitimate vote cast and you are done. One winner, takes all!!!


Gerrymandering has eliminated the one man one vote in state legislatures and the House of Representatives… In fact only 25 house seats are in purple districts… The rest of congress isn’t democratic at all…either permanently red or blue



Mess equals outcome CNN doesn’t want. If it was a Democrat who won because of it, they’d be writing about how brilliant the founders were and how well it worked.

Honestly, if we stuck to the constitution the president wouldn’t matter much anyway. The federal government would be very small. Most decisions would happen at the state level. People would be much happier overall.

We also shouldn’t have government agencies with the power to create tens of thousands of pages of regulations without any approval by Congress.