Can We Make Manufacturing Sexy Again?

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From my own experience, as a former production planner, most jobs in the manufacturing industry are being taken by Asians, most of them immigrating into the US. It is a rigid environment, most are hired with experience, of course, they hire newbies, but that’s not the case most of the times because the last recession and the disappearance of the manufacturing fab left many workers with experience wandering around.
Most of my Filipino friends are into manufacturing. And their friends when they visiting them, and I ask them, they are into it too.

Are the number of jobs globally decreasing?

Every part of the world are employing mostly experienced folks which imply there are enough experienced folks to be employed which mean there are in effect less jobs available globally. We need the global economy to grow such that total jobs available are more than experienced folks so the newbies can find work. Or mandate a lower age of retirement.

Or mandate longer years of education? Make K-12 become K-16, make college mandatory. If still too many workers, make PhD a mandatory program for anyone who wish to get a job. :grinning:

Education is the best way to avoid unemployment.

Unfortunately, the world leaders’ instinct is protectionism which will shrink the number of jobs available globally… brace for global depression from a slowdown.

The world economy hasn’t grown in a long time. It’s growing slower than the debt added each year. As servicing debt takes up more of the world economy, we will hit a tipping point. We won’t be able to sustain new debt and economic activity will contract. It’ll be ugly.

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