Canada to make skilled-worker permits easier to get in wake of U.S. delays

The new stream, set to launch June 12, will let participating employers use a new streamlined labour-market impact assessment program that will guide them through the application process in 10 business days, and process worker applications, also in 10 days.

Does it mean a company like Apple can file application and have a worker visa ready in 20 days? If so that’s super impressive.

I think the long term threat to Silicon Valley will not come from other US locales like Seattle or Austin. The danger is that we lose it to another country altogether. The most obvious candidate is China. Now looks like Canada wants to make a run too.

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There is always someone willing to put out if you don’t want to…

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Canada always been the place where US companies “parked” their employees before they can get H1B or what not visa. They opened up branch office and their employees were employed there, but they can work with their team in Seattle (same time zone and sometimes day trip commute is possible). Microsoft & Google have been doing it for years.


If Toronto and Vancouver real estate weren’t already super expensive I can see a case for buying some houses there. Oh well.

No, Canada accepts anybody. You just have to prove your are worth to stay. Lots of Mexicans are crossing that border, not before being told, with the common courtesy, like you treat human beings, that they are going to be arrested if they do cross, and they do it, very amicable, and then they are scheduled for an interview with an immigration judge.

By the way, I keep insisting, the new administration is full of it. That Bannon in the shadows is a culprit for whatever happen in immigration that affects some countries. Imagine he is reading and praising a book where they scared the hell out of the French because the invasion of INDIANS! Yes, Indians!

“Bannon has praised The Camp of the Saints, a grotesquely racist French novel depicting a world where an apparent invasion of Indian refugees becomes the vanguard of a global uprising of nonwhites against whites.”

Bannon, likewise, is an ideological racist. It’s apparent in his affection for President Andrew Jackson, whose principal “achievements” were forced removal of Native Americans in the service of a “white man’s democracy,” where citizenship and its privileges were reserved for white men, across class lines. It’s easy to see in his former tenure as CEO of Breitbart, where he made the website an online haven for anti-Semites, white nationalists, and other elements of the extreme right-wing. And it’s illustrated by his rhetoric throughout his career. The Huffington Post reports that Bannon has praised The Camp of the Saints, a grotesquely racist French novel depicting a world where an apparent invasion of Indian refugees becomes the vanguard of a global uprising of nonwhites against whites. “The whole thing in Europe is all about immigration,” he said in January 2016. “It’s a global issue today—this kind of global Camp of the Saints.”

British Columbia will exempt some immigrants from a 15 percent home buyers tax in a bid to ensure the Canadian province attracts skilled workers and entrepreneurs.

Foreign workers entering the country through a so-called Provincial Nominee Program won’t have to pay the real estate tax. The break will only apply to residents in the Vancouver area.

“Our growing tech sector depends” on the program, Premier Christy Clark said in a statement Friday. “That’s why we’re removing barriers, so they can get to work, create jobs, and help build B.C.”

Painful to see Canada making all the right moves and we making the wrong ones. :weary:

Maybe 'cause Twhitler is in the white house?

“Foreign investors, many speculatively, are driving up home prices beyond the reach of British Columbians. These people paid no tax and most have never paid a B.C. tax of any kind,” Vander Zalm said.

“These welcome newcomers should also contribute to the needs of the province, and this should be done through some sort of ‘property transfer tax’.”

Early housing worries snowballed in 2016

Perhaps the taxation with representation should be applied to foreign investors in the housing market. If they don’t want to pay a tax, go ahead, leave, stay at home, plenty of American citizens wanting to buy a property, or two.