Cash only deal, how do you feel?

Contractor’s Special. Needs TLC, with great potential. One awesome buy! Great Location. Quick access to School, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, San Jose City College, Santana Row, Westfield Shopping Center. … Probate, with Court’s confirmation. CASH ONLY, with 10% deposit. Required use of provided contract form only.

Good deal, buy it!

Wow, 844…nice!!! Winner

I didn’t see much appeal to it. Schools are not great and already at 775K, what’s your projected ARV?

If schools are great, add 1M with this price ! This home is very near to Apple complex and Santana Row and in quiet street.

This has two negatives, cash only and probate court. But both are advantage for the person who has ready cash. This is a good flip property at least 100k profit for someone has full cash !