Cashflow neutral house in SJ/Milpitas


I’d seriously consider this if I were in the market for rentals. Cashflow neutral if you put down 25%. Zillow rent estimate is $2790. It’s a play on both BART and North SJ developments.


You know you want to @manch.

Too bad it’s not 2BA.


0.5 Bath solves 90% of the problem anyway… :smile:

I want to but I can’t… :cry:


Let’s go halfsies. I just bought recently so my buying power is sapped.


I am working on a bigger purchase. Need to keep my powders dry… :smile:


Do share… where and what type???


Don’t know yet. Depends on how much money I can save and how fast I can save it.


Inquiring minds (aka wuqi and me) want to know :smile:


Sold super fast. Cash offer?


If it’s a condo, almost for sure cash. I’ve had loan agents that could close houses in under 10 days. Problem is dealing with the HOA paperwork.