Cheat Sheet On SF Rent Control Laws

In case someone needs some general guidance on SF Rent Control Laws…

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Got to love the “Relocation payment required!”… And I thought only parents do that for their kids.

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Yeah, I know right? Unfortunately, it is the classic cost of doing business in SF. Whatever happened to the fairly simple notion (at least to me) that if I own something that I can do anything with it, barring any contractual agreement? I really, really believe the Supreme Court only sides with rent control because the justices have sweet cheap apartments somewhere and they are just protecting their own interests.

That’s why I will only buy newer than 1980 for rentals in SF. Anything else is just rolling your dice.

The corollary of that is: I can only buy condos or townhouses for rentals. SFH newer than 1980 are cost prohibitive as rentals.


I know why you moved up here but I am wondering why would you buy condos here as opposed to the south bay where the tech craziness is happening. It can’t be more expensive down there than here correct, for condos?

I want to diversify. Plus the rent-to-price ratio is actually better here in the city.

$600K condos in the city can rent for $3500. In South Bay it’s maybe $2500. Plus I suspect the appreciation will be higher in the city.

See, but that would be where I would think the other way. And again, it would be my believe that with so much building going on (and I know they are technically luxury condos currently but that can change later) eventually your appreciation rate would be lower than in the south bay (under similar circumstances) but with less building. I am pleading the old supply and demand law again…

I don’t know who is right. If I want urban life, I would go back to Singapore. Plenty of clubbing and choices of food outlets.

Does that include Denny’s though?


We have to hook up so that I pick your brain on Singapore and Malaysia. My beautiful wife misses the family and so I wouldn’t mind living there half the year later. I will even invite Manch too and we can convene at the most posh Denny’s this side of the Western Hemisphere. God, is there such a thing?

A few Denny in Singapore, located in fairly expensive neighborhoods :blush:

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I figured so much. I hear Singapore in general is pretty expensive now. My wife is hearing that everything is getting expensive in Malaysia. Food wise, groceries etc

The problem is that my wife gave up her Malaysian citizenship. I take it then no return possible correct? Or is it a matter of that I need to pay some dough to either technically start a company there or buy a property there?

How much is a decent 2 bd condo in Singapore these days if a foreigner can buy one? I know you mentioned the additional tax thingy too.

The best property website to find info is property, property guru. Foreigners tend to buy in district 9, 10 and 11.

URA has an eService for private residential property transactions, transacted prices. Also for rentals.

Singaporean Yuppies prefer Bishan, Clementi and Seng Kang. Btw, talking about private condos, not HDBs.

ABSD for foreigners is 15% flat.

Thank you Sir! I will check out. Will I have sticker shock or will I be used to it since I am from here and not in Kansas?

Americans are treated like Singaporeans for ABSD purposes :). Start from 7% and then 10%, not 15%.

Interesting. More and more I appreciate Singapore and how it governs. Tough stiff laws so to really thwart crime. Non of that BS that we do here now. We give the criminals a slap on the wrist and out they go for Round 2 or 3 or 4…

See what I mean??!!