China in a no-win

You need to read more first hand stuff written in Chinese, instead of the tankie stuff in the West.

I don’t particularly value novel thoughts by its own right. What matters is whether it explains the present and help guide the future.

He is a Chinese nationalist. And that fits the right’s ideology pretty well actually, just different nationality.

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Expected from a fossil :wink:

Frankly I don’t know what those words mean. Under too difficult to understand. IMHO, labels are seldom accurate description.

Remember I am an apolitical guy. And don’t think of an issue from a political perspective.

If you think from my profile, you would understand. Doubt you can, your thinking is too rigid. You can’t empathize :roll_eyes:

Pump and dump? Or hope springs eternal?

It’s pretty easy to see if China can get out of zero Covid because there are tons of preparations it needs to do. And those preps take a long time and need lots of efforts and resources. So far it has done none of those. Just pray and maybe it will happen, someday.

Widespread protests are happening in China right now. People are pushed beyond their breaking points with the senseless Covid lockdowns. There are big cities that have been in strict lockdown for four months and counting!

Xi has painted himself into a corner. If he goes through with his brain dead Covid zero China’s economy will remain in the toilets. But if he opened it up millions will die. He hasn’t done any preparation and bet everything on lockdowns.

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Protests spread to cities and campuses in China on Saturday night amid rising public anger at the country’s strict but faltering controls against the spread of Covid, with a crowd in Shanghai going so far as to call for the removal of the national leader, Xi Jinping.

The demonstration occurred after an outpouring of anger online and after a street protest erupted on Friday in Urumqi, the regional capital of Xinjiang in western China, where at least 10 people died and nine others were injured a day earlier in an apartment fire. Many Chinese people say they suspect that those killed were hindered from escaping their homes by Covid restrictions — despite government denials.


Vaccination rate in China is awfully low, especially among the oldest and thus most vulnerable demographic. Moreover, to maintain their “we are better than the West” narrative, they haven’t approved the more effective MRNA vaccines from the West. Instead they are relying on their less advanced homegrown vaccines.

If the protests are wide spread enough, then they can’t just run people over with tanks. This could be a collapse of communism moment.

On hindsight, running those protesters over with tanks was actually a good thing for China. It would not have enjoyed the economic miracle for 30 years had it collapsed back in 1989. Given that backdrop, those tanks will definitely be deployed again should protesters behave badly.

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