China Investors Pulling Money Out Of US & Europe




That would be bad for places with lots of Asian RE owners. That’s only a few cities.


NYC, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, bye bye. Wait… commercial property? What about residential?


Umm, what about the bay area? There used to be bus tours of buyers from China. There are a lot of Asian owners.


Just be careful to differentiate correctly. In residential real estate in the bay area, there are lots of US owners that have ethnic roots in East Asia, but they are Americans.

This article seems to focus on commercial real estate, and focus on entities which are legally Chinese.


Right, it’s only commercial RE. Seems that those Chinese financial companies were forced to liquidate, probably to satisfy their obligations in their slowing economy.

The Japanese impact on American real estate many years ago was also limited to commercial RE. Residential market is vastly bigger so foreign impact is minimal. Even in BA, foreign buying is negligible.

Foreign buying was mostly offices and hotel. They were not interested in apartments due to endless hassles from human tenants. Tenant protection laws would eat them alive.


We just another dumb guy in the swamp scaring the Chinese.

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