China’s Challenge to America—from an American journalist’s perspective

American Journalist knows so much about china,

One line sums it up how much he knows about china.

The one thing President Xi Jinping cannot do …

I’m pretty sure if Xi wanted a second wife, he would need to hide her for his image. So one thing that Xi couldn’t do is openly flaunting a second wife like Stanley Ho…

you missed my point

Let me highlight it

What did Stanley Ho do?

Emperor Xi?

Chairman George W Bush
Chairman Barack Obama
Chairman Donald Trump

Xi is President of the PRC. Terminology is correct.

Chinese do not called him president. he is the leader/Chairman of PRC
come on chinese , i thought you are chinese.

He has 4 wives.

probably more than 4.

No. Go look it up yourself.

you used american way of describing
same as if a chinese call chairman trump, chairman obama, it’s not right.

And i think he has way more than 4 wives.

He has 3 ex wives and 1 current wife? That’s perfectly legal

What’s his networth? Can you beat him in this department? :joy: His ex-wives can help you beat him

i think sfdragonboy will say quality not quantity, his 1 wive beat xi’s 4 wives.

Xi has 4 wives? Or Stanley?

xi prboably have 40 wives.

Stanley does. Xi has one like most people.

Oh, is he a Mormon?

he’s a man with power and money…
people call him king now. in ancient times king has 3000 wives right?

Americans say “Chairman Mao” but we now say “President Xi”. Times have changed so don’t get stuck in the 70s mindset.