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I told you Chinese people’s mindset are stuck in the Middle Ages… :rofl:


I don’t know what your ancestral history is. Both my parents escaped communist China. My grandfather was tortured by the red guards and my mom still mentioned the days when she had to eat tree barks for meals.

Don’t be brainwashed. Look at history for what it is.


Same with me. We all did. Even Xi himself was tortured.


Deng xiaoping only son was crippled by red guards. All revolutions see blood.


Bilibili Inc. Announces Second Quarter 2018 Financial Results

5.68% market
7.55% ah
Not worth mentioning how much I own since is way less than $50k.
As of today’s close, I don’t have red China stocks, all green.

Please take note that the app was taken down for more than a month, so result could be way better has it not been taken down.


Bilibili’s Stock Is a Matter of Risk vs. Reward

BILI is a trade on user growth momentum. It’s certainly a lucrative trade if done right; but one should be careful as to how much of the magical story they buy into.

The company streams anime cartoons and games in Asia. I don’t understand the appeal, but investors are getting amped up because of the strong interest amongst Chinese youth. On the other hand, it’s not profitable, has some debt, and operates in a country that puts constant scrutiny on online content.

Obviously a highly risky stock to buy :nerd_face: not a stock I want to risk $50k.


IQiyi Stock Has Too Many Risks to Ignore

Speculators can temporarily drive up shares. But if the fundamentals don’t match up, IQ stock can quickly tumble. So if you’re a conservative investor, my idea is to wait. I suspect a better entry point is coming.

Market timing? Beat around the bush to say he wants a larger margin of safety. As with most growth stocks, there may never be one.


Hurts all my China stocks :sob:


China’s Tencent Folds Yet Another Video Game Company Into Its Empire

10c continues to acquire video game companies. Guess still get make good money despite China’s clamping down on video games.


China’s government is getting worrisome. Do they not want foreign investors to be confident in them?


Can care less. They only care about their grip on power.


Products and services of Tencent

New China rules didn’t affect 10c share price much. Signs that this might be the bottom.


Buy buy buy!!!


Still in Vancouver.


Did you go tour UBC?


No. Not sightseeing. Just change location.


What does that mean? Moving there?


Just checking viability for rental investment and verifying whether it is as beautiful as what articles said. So far, is not as prosperous and cosmopolitan as Hong Kong and Singapore.

Issues for foreigners. 20% duty. Income tax on gross rental. Rent controlled. Max rent increase 2% + general inflation. Very low property tax and capital gain tax. No depreciation. Gross yield 3-4%, cap rate could be pretty low, didn’t compute yet. Currently is a buyers market because of trump tariff, tightening of credit and seasonal reason.


What’s the cap rate like out there?

nvm: I see you said 3-4% gross yield


Vancouver is a retirement community; you don’t need to scout to obtain information on foreigner restrictions. If you want more cosmopolitan vibe in Canada go to Toronto.