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How about student housing in Vancouver around the UBC area that caters to rich Chinese students? Or do those parents just buy the houses outright?

If US tightens visa for Chinese or people don’t like US because they think they are oppressing China, there may be more Chinese students going to Canada.


Didn’t survey😀


Percentage wise, there are already more Chinese in Canada than there are in America. Trend will only accelerate.


UBC = University of Beautiful Chinese.


Always salivating over girls less than a third of your age… :rofl:


must be coming with the age.


Rumor has it that JD founder Liu was arrested for sexual assault in Minnesota. Not sure if it’s fake news or not. :smile:


Company said it’s fake news.



Part of tariff wars??


Looks like the guy is a creep. Sell sell sell! Glad I sold all mine months ago.


You have no self control!!! Just not long ago you were praising this company as if it was the next Amzn… :rofl:


In light of new information the guy is a playboy like musk. So it’s like Tesla. Avoid! :skull_and_crossbones:


Can Bilibili Finally Prove the Bears Wrong?

Essentially an article by TMF assaulting BILI.

Bilibili boasts impressive revenue growth, but its growth is decelerating, and its operating expenses could keep rising as it struggles to challenge its bigger rivals. The stock isn’t cheap at six times this year’s sales, and its bottom line remains deep in the red. Investors should stick with better-established players like Tencent, YY, or Baidu instead of this high-risk stock.


Tencent has 20% stake in JD, so are you selling TCEHY?


Hmm… :thinking:

10c also has big stake in Tesla too.

I am actually thinking about selling some 10c and BABA to put on companies stateside. The trend is very ugly in China.


You might as well sell all other stocks and focus on FAANG NVDA. Use margin to trade calls whenever you deem appropriate. That way you minimize the frequent switching which reduce your return.


His style certainly evolved over just a couple of years. At first was just 4 companies. And then more and more and more. Now it’s like warring states, buy the rumor and sell the news… all the characteristics of a day trader.


Is there blood in the water?


Money is flooding back into the US because of tax reform and fed raising rates. All EM’s are in trouble. China is also undergoing tough deleveraging reforms plus trade wars. Even though trade war is not having big impact on economy investors confidence nose dived.