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Kindergarten opening day in Shenzhen. Click to watch video.


Lovely… :rofl:


TMF has some advice for you. Buy FB, JNJ and IRBT :laughing:

JNJ pays good dividends


Not affected by the smear




We already knew.


A swine fever outbreak is the latest threat to China’s economy

Eat more beef and less pork😂



Beef, that’s what’s for dinner.
Chevy’s. :rofl:


JD is finished. Dump every single share you got.

Arrest details revealed: JD boss Liu was accused of first-degree rape, say US police, as charges are considered | South China Morning Post


Accused != convicted.
Probably after consensual sex and discovered that he is a billionaire. Asked for more $ but he refused. Is easy in America to sue any men after consensual sex. Advise you should control yourself. Go to Asia for that, not in America.


Standard for CEO of a big public company is much higher. Look at what happened with intel’s CEO, or the founder of the Wynn hotels. This is the era of metoo.

I will never touch JD again. Never invest in broken people, like Musk or Jobs before he settled down and raised a family.


For someone with only a couple years of investment experience you sure have a bucket full of “golden rules”…


Yup. Gotta have some rules.


Why Google Might Want to Partner with Tencent

Alphabet’s (GOOGL) Google has entered discussions with Tencent (TCEHY), Inspur, and other Chinese companies about teaming up on cloud computing services in China, according to Bloomberg News. Tencent is a high-profile Internet company in China, and Inspur is a leading data center service provider in the country.

Google is serious to re-enter China market despite the tariff war and a decelerating Chinese economy :slight_smile: Perhaps is the best time since Google would have the bargaining power, moreover greenback is stronger than yuan (should expect a reversal sometime in the future once Chinese economy rebounds).


Mini programs refer to applications typically smaller than 10 megabytes that can run instantly on the main app’s interface. They offer speed of access to users because a program does not have to be downloaded from an app store, they can run from within the app. This innovation allows platforms to host multiple services, turning them into super-apps, delivering greater convenience to consumers in the world’s largest smartphone market.

WeChat was also evolving into a hybrid social network, with the introduction of its sharing service Moments, the blog-like Official Accounts to help brands and content producers market themselves, and a games publishing platform.

However, Tencent is still in the early stages of monetising its WeChat user base. Cautious to avoid flooding user timelines with ads, WeChat currently allows a maximum of two ads a day to appear on its social platform Moments, which is “extremely conservative compared to our global peers” said Tencent’s Chief Strategy Officer James Gordon Mitchell in a May conference call with analysts.

Recklessly bought enough to push TCEHY to 1100 shares i.e. over $50k :frowning: the benchmark in order to talk cock about it.

Not sure what are the technical differences between mini-programs from plug-ins and add-ons :frowning:


JD hits 52 week low today, on the way to 2 year low. This will drag down Tencent as well as the largest shareholder. No good very bad.


If the accusation is true, fire the CEO and fold JD into the 10c as a subsidiary.


10c folds its investment gain or loss into operating income. That’s really weird. So heavy loss from JD stocks will drag its earnings down. It’s iike 10c becomes a tech version of Berkshire.


Thought you would say 10c copies AMZN’s style of not making money :slight_smile: Is ok, it only means the share price would roar many folds over a year sometime in the future.

Buy when there’s blood in the streets, even if the blood is your own

Now have 1100 shares.