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I am increasingly bearish on China. Xi seems to be a very bad leader. Too much centralized control and not enough push for needed reforms. Speech freedom is further reined in and there’s a quiet crackdown in Xinjiang. I am still disappointed by his naked emperor for life power grab. Ruining the solid foundation laid down by DXP.


Huawei is really very good. Too bad it’s private.

• Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is considering using Huawei’s new AI chips for data centers in China, according to The Information sources.

• The agreement isn’t in place yet, and could still fall apart, but the deal would help Huawei take on dominant AI chipmaker Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA).


Too soon to tell. When doing investments, never bail at the first sign of trouble. And I’m not even seeing a sign…


This is not a sign?


A sign of what? Of China in trouble? No, it isn’t. It’s not even a sign that 10c is in trouble.


I see more down side :slight_smile:


Either more downside or bottom :blush:


Buy when there’s blood on the street. Don’t follow mob mentality.


Are you bottom fishing? Never an easy job to spot the bottom. I correctly spotted the bottom of the last recession (3/9/2009), however I failed to take advantage of it because I was so mentally drained…


You expect EM’s will bounce back from this point on?


No i am not buying china. I made that mistake couple times now. never again. no pharma, no china. I was about to buy teva then decided against it (or bought and sold, i forgot).


No pharma is right. No china is wrong.


it’s ok. i can probably find better deals around.


I kind off agree on no China (with Trump Tariff). There are major changes coming soon in a week/month of tariff that will rip off all imports from China. It will affect both countries for sure. IMO, stocks will be deep down soon from the current peak, days are counted.

It is going to be deep red, No CRYSTAL ball with me.

But,why no pharma? Since it has come down recently? Value stocks do not crazy until people see values by results. Any way, it is up to you to decide.


Why hang around this thread?


No personal motive or against China, but It is just warning so that people will save their hard earned money…wait for 20 days…remind me if I am wrong…any way, let me step out.



Giant China Fund Is Retreating to Cash But Still Adding Tencent

UBS Asset Management’s Bin Shi has been buying shares of Tencent Holdings Ltd. while also raising cash to a record, saying concern over China’s gaming clampdown has gone too far. Tencent, which is among the largest holdings in the $6.1 billion China fund that Shi helps to manage, can offset some of the worry anyway by growing overseas or selling more ads, he said.

“Investors have turned overly pessimistic,” Shi said in an interview in Taipei, adding that the stock looks undervalued. “Tencent needs to prove itself again. I think it’s one product-launch away from breaking through.”

Did he has an insider track on that break-through product?

Shi is bullish on stocks in Internet, education and health-care sectors

Also bullish but should I be investing in bio-tech, medical devices, drug big boys, distribution, insurance, …


It’s still interesting to read.


Just messing around. Jil took it seriously :sweat: