China Stocks



I can not speak further, but heard from reliable Bloomberg audio Trump is putting 25% tariff across imports (more than 200B even though they claim 200B only) from China.

With this statement, I do not want to have any current mfr company stock, very few exceptions like AAPL, as most of MFR company pays 25% cost over run that affects Profit margin.

If this comes out, before Oct 1st, stocks won’t stay in peak.I sold many of my stocks today. I would have sold AAPL too, but kept it as they partnered with Foxconn to have US Manufacturing.

We will come to know everything in just 20 days, let us wait and see.

Trump is changing the equation, using simple concepts, drastically and next 6 years it will be like this !:laughing:


WTF? :rage:


If it’s on Bloomberg I don’t see how this is not public information.


@hanera can you translate? This is the chaotic policy making happening in China right now. Control got tightening for no good reason.

Xi sucks.


Manual keyword translation: quota on game publishing + 35% tax.


It is not in Bloomberg ! Since I do not want to reveal the source, just filled Bloomberg. If I reveal, It puts me into real issue. My source is reliable, but it is not Bloomberg.


OMG your source is the one who wrote the NYT op-ed?? :scream:


Just read this comment.


Very naive commentary. The person knows next to nothing about China.


Dunno. I prefer to buy the conspiracy. I dont believe in china’s short term prospects, and i think you would agree.


I agree on different reasons, which have different implications than saying China will wage wars (cyber or real) on other countries.


Well, whether china wages ctber war due to economy or other reasons, end result is same. China might be a risk for world in many different ways, and espionage and cyber war is already happening.

I am usually not very emphatethic to what happens outside of where i live. I see wars as demonstrations of will to overpower and rule, and it has been like that for thousands of year. So china can do all it wants, but not where i live, no sir :slight_smile:


Everything is a risk for the world. US is a much bigger threat to the world today than China ever will be.


Eh, read my comment above.

The question i care at this point is, is us a risk to its own citizens more than any other country is to theirs? I came to believe no. I chose to live in us, because i believe in us.

Back to stocks:
A country with little political trust wont do good, and that is why us is thriving and china has been wonky.


I am confused by your statement. You are saying China will do bad things to its own citizens?

Sure, it’s already doing a lot of bad things to its own citizens. The nuance is that China also lifted literally a billion of its own people out of abject poverty. So many Chinese citizens compare today vs 30 years ago and said hell yes, life is not bad today.

Another nuance is that there are things in China that are actually better than in the US. Gun violence is a big thing. Chinese don’t worry about their kids getting mowed down by lunatics in schools. But rule of law is weak in China, freedom of speech is ring fenced and no political freedom. It’s not crazy if someone weighs safety vs freedom and say living in China is not all that bad. Thus many Chinese students returning to China.


I never worried about gun things. Many people die every day on arbitrary stuff. I would worry my kids die or get sick from my bad habits more than i worry about gun violence. You reduce any risk by chosing where you live.


Nah. All you need is rule of law, clear property rights and a capitalistic system. Look at Singapore and Hong Kong.


If it’s indeed real, maybe you should switch to shorting (no this is not sarcasm).


And not look at china.

All you said ties to internal stability.


What gives you the impression China is unstable?