China Stocks



Western media clearly. And the fact that i have to get a new laptoo every time i travel :slight_smile:

Second reason is a joke, first one probably not.


American media is usually crap. I find the Brits have a much better press. BBC, the Economist, FT are all much more nuanced than the crap we have here.


I try to read ft but rarely. Us media is sure crap, but i dont know man. Look at us markets vs chinese after trade wars things. Big slump. It doesnt sound economically stable, how can it be politically stable?

As for povert vs not, i am curious about statistica on that. Like median income vs cost of life.


If we were in 2008 and Wall St was in free fall you’d say US was unstable back then?

Most Chinese don’t own stocks. They see it mostly as gambling. Property market is by far their most important investment. Stock market crashing has next to zero political consequence for the CCP.


I was in the us briefly in 2009, it was free fall, but i was student. I was surprised how fast it recovered. Would bet on another fast recovery next time too.

Most americans dont own stocks either. But companies are employers, right? It will have a fall out.


Is inflation in china really 2%? Sounded ridiculously low.


Rent’s weight in China’s CPI is too low. Food for some reason is too high. But then China is a huge country with much more variability than the US. People living in big cities like Beijing definitely feel higher inflation than 2%.


Also thanks for the discussion, nice to see an americanized chinese’s opinion.


Sure. I am one foot here and one foot there. So I am seen as an outsider from both sides.


Does china somehow fix prices of certain goods? Through subsidies or something? Us fixes the food cost somewhat with subsidies on corn etc. I assume similar story in china too.


China is weird. Take petrol for example. The big producers are all state owned but they are also listed companies. They are supposed to max profit but at the same time the state has a hand in setting prices for “social stability”. That’s actually one of the West’s complaints. It’s very unclear where the state ends and private enterprise begins.

I actually don’t think there’s a lot of subsidies for everyday consumers. Government spend tons of resources popping up inefficient stated owned firms because they dont want them to fire people. But these firms are not selling their goods for cheap because they are shitty and inefficient.



That was 20 years ago. Now they are much more capitalistic and efficient.


Even if it is serious, I stay away from shorting (even profitable) and margin. This is my own policy.Selling itself considered like shorting, that I did.




US propaganda


Prove me wrong.


Thought manch explained. The commentator is attempting to dissuade Google from working with Chinese companies.


Same as here :slight_smile:


Political freedom is not that highly valued even in Singapore. Only the Americanized ones are concerned. The silent majority care less and continue to vote in PAP so long they see delivered benefits :slight_smile: e.g. HDB upgrading, much improved neighborhood landscaping, very safe neighborhoods… Ordinary citizens have no need for political freedom, just want personal safety and their loved ones are safe, jobs, a house, a good education :slight_smile:



Many hedge funds and big boys are shorting China through shorting BABA. BABA is a proxy for China economy. So if you want to know what investors think of China economy, look at BABA.