China Stocks



Long ago, USA is viewed as the only haven for people like you :slight_smile: Is not now?



Any fundamental reason as to why BIDU would break below the long term trend line?


Any fundamental reason as to why BABA would break below the long term bullish channel?
Judgement day :scream: 2mrw or …


Already sold all my 10c and BABA. Xi is shit. Will see later if he got his policy mess in order first.


I sold the China stocks as well and put half of it into NFLX. I’m debating what to do with the other half. The small caps have had a nice pull back, so I may add to those positions.


No wonder China stocks have been declining over the last few months.
Guess the fundamental reason to sell is Xi Jinping.
In USA, shouldn’t we sell also because of Trump?


Trump is doing great things for the economy. Anyone who can’t acknowledge that is just revealing their own bias.


manch said sell because of Xi :scream: He was impressed with WeChat and the 2 horses though.
2mrw should be judgement day, or not.





Trump doesn’t have as much power as Xi, so he can’t do as much damage. If you can’t read chinese I think you shouldn’t invest in chinese stocks. There’s so much the western media doesn’t cover.

For example Beijing recently accounced a “tax cut” which’s actually a tax hike for most firms and people. Watch the video below. In Chinese though.


You lied. Is in Cantonese.

Who is Lew Mon-Hung? Professor?


I sold it strategically avoiding importers, keeping software companies or local companies.


You don’t speak Cantonese? I don’t think they can openly criticize the government that way on mainland media.


China vows tax reforms won’t boost corporate costs | Article [AMP] | Reuters


This Upstart Wants a Slice of WeChat’s Billion Users


Alibaba business in great details (youtube)
“…globalization is our long-term strategy. That’s why we make very big investment in SEA…” Daniel Zhang.


Is The Market Ignoring Alibaba’s Growth Cannons? by Hamish Maertens of Seeking Alpha. Didn’t own any yet :-1:

Alipay and cloud computing will be the main growth cannons.

Alibaba remains one of the best Chinese picks, maybe I’ll add it to my ultra-long-term wallet.

Not sure about Alipay. WeChat pay seems to be better. This guy also think "Alibaba has become a spindle of the Chinese economy and outside.”

The Chinese e-commerce giant is shifting to other booming businesses like cloud computing and media. Note that these new segments now have a negative contribution to the overall free cash flows.

Billionaire Jack Ma Prepares for Life After Alibaba
Jack Ma plans to leave BABA to go back to teaching! Who is the successor?



Alipay is in ant financial not baba. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.


It is mentioned in the article that Alipay is a segment in Ant.
Are you saying Ant is not a sub of BABA? Is not in the chart?