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Ant is not part of BABA. Jack Ma pulled it out at the last minute before the BABA went public in New York. Finance is a very sensitive area and the Chinese government doesn’t want foreign control. That was a huge controversy at the time because many BABA shareholders felt they were short changed, including that SoftBank guy.


Here’s another news item on the rumored 35% tax on games. Sorry, again in Chinese only.


Now I recall, Jerry Yang quitted the board because of that, thinking Jack Ma played him out. Re-joined after much apology from Jack.


Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma to retire: New York Times

AH drops 2.7%!


How come? Aapl hardly moved even after Steve Jobs passed away…


Tim Cook was already the CEO.


Maybe something sinister?


Like? He hinted that he would be leaving for years, I thought he just talk but he meant what he said.
Age 55, retired! Exactly the age he said he would.

Last century is the competition of muscle.
Last century is the competition of wisdom. Funny! As if men don’t have wisdom.


Men are like lemmings. We like to follow each other down the cliff… :rofl:


One horse gone. Bet on the other horse.


Don’t panic. He wasn’t the CEO long ago. Now he let go of the Chairmanship but hang around on the board as mentor. Now, we can expect to hear more of his wise speeches all over the world :slight_smile:


Really… I’m speechless… :rofl:


Jack Ma is a superb strategist. I am not sure anyone among his 18 Buddhas comes even close.


3 Top Chinese Stocks to Watch in September by Leo Sun, Jamal, and Nick of TMF. Buy TCEHY and BABA regardless.

In short, if you believe social media, video games, online payment systems, and cloud computing have a future in China, Tencent should be on your watch list.

Investors should note Alibaba’s growth is being led by higher-margin services like cloud computing, which increased by 93% year over year.



Alibaba’s Jack Ma to unveil succession plan next week, remain chairman

NYT got it wrong. Jack Ma will remain executive chairman for the time being.


NYT is rubbish now.


Remember Jack Ma owns his own paper. Unlikely he will give such juicy inside scoop to papers other than his own.


We were talking about how you can’t really understand China and by extension Chinese stocks without knowing the language. Here’s someone on Quora:

Is there a real western media bias against China as claimed by so many, particularly mainland Chinese?

The problem is actually how western media portrays China, which is 99% negative. A few of these stories are true, but most are not. The lies range from half-truths (converted to harm China’s image) to flat out propaganda. So often I found myself needing to point out the falsehood in these news.

I will give a half-truth example. In 2014 a Muslim terrorist group carried out a knife attack in Kunming, China. 35 people would die and 143 others injured. Let us look at what CNN wrote about that.

Knife-wielding attackers kill 29 at China train station

(Members of a separatist group from Xinjiang, in northwest China, are believed to have carried out the assault, authorities said. The report referred to them as "terrorists. ")

A westerner might have read right by that. But for me I am angered. I read this as CNN saying here that while the Chinese authorities might refer to this group as terrorists, CNN refuses to acknowledge them as such . How can these people be anything other than terrorists? They killed 35 and injured 143 others!

Of course CNN frame it in such a “polite” way that most people won’t notice. But I, and many others, know what CNN is implying, that these terrorists are in fact freedom fighters. And we can see that in the last paragraph:

(Frequent outbreaks of violence have beset Xinjiang, a resource-rich area where the arrival of waves of Han Chinese people over the decades has fueled tensions with the Uyghurs, a Turkic-speaking, predominantly Muslim ethnic group.)

More writings that would be easily read right over by Westerners, but would anger someone like myself. I read this as CNN saying that the cause of terrorism is Han Chinese arriving into Muslim provinces . What in the world? Han Chinese had been ruling over these Muslim provinces for centuries. Han Chinese has as much right to enter these provinces, as an American Caucasian entering Utah state.

Let’s say a group Native Indian men (no disrespect to them of course) became terrorists and knifed a bunch of people in a mall in Utah. Can you imagine that CNN writing the arrival of waves of American Caucasians into Utah over the decades has fueled tensions with Native Americans ? Or how about Devin Patrick Kelley for killing 27 and hurting 20 others in a church. Can you imagine CNN writing the actions and words of many Christians has fueled tensions with atheists and Muslims ? Or how about CNN reporting on a rape as the short skirt that woman wore that night has fueled the desires of these men . This is victim blaming and criminal empowering at its finest. This kind of bias has no place in any respectable media.

What angers me most is that CNN is justifying the actions of these terrorists, by saying Han Chinese is the cause. What reasoning would justify this terrorism act, butchering 35 and hurting 143 others?

CNN is not the only one. Most western media portrait China in the same light.

If Western Media want to label terrorists are freedom fighters, they should do the same with all terrorists in Europe and Middle East. They are freedom fighters for Allah, and in their twisted personal view they in fact are.

Democracy itself requires a strong unbiased media. If the media continue down this path of biased reporting, democracy itself would be at serious risk. Instead of telling the truth to defend democracy, media would become a tool used by the rich and powerful to manipulate the population.


I’d like to see the shitstorm if any Western media dares to write “terrorists” when they write about 9/11.