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This is a good counterpoint against two-faced people like @calboy, among others…


Don’t get me started on the stupidity of Westerners calling to “Free Tibet”. What a bunch of hypocrites. The last time a bunch of Southern states wanted to set free the US went into Civil War to smash them. How about Free Texas or Free California and give the land back to the Indians?


The argument is that Indians are not “suffering” in America today like the Tibetans are… that’s because most of those Indians were already killed couple hundred years ago.


The Indians living today are still suffering a great deal. They were sent away to some God awful reservations away from their ancestral land, wasted away for generations and never recovered. There’re very serious unemployment, poverty and crime issues in reservations even today.


But then they don’t have someone like the Dalai Lama to unite them and bring about widespread recognition.


Are you starting a topic to guess who is cal boy? A few obvious deductions.

  1. He is a male. From boy.
  2. He is from California. From Cal.
  3. He is not a Chinese and not a Hispanic. From his accusations.
  4. He is anti-China. From his accusations.
  5. He is a regular


Not a regular… Have not visited since 9/1. Unless he is another regular’s second alias like you said…


@manch can find out who @calboy is if he wants to. I hope @manch won’t do it though. BTW, isn’t @calboy’s observation mostly accurate? :rofl:


Are you implying that you are also two-faced like @calboy is?


I think @calboy brought out sincere concerns. It’s a given we see the world in different lights. I have no desire and no means to unmask who he is. Why should we care? What we care about is whether what he said is true or not. So far it seems most people disagree, judging from the responses. Maybe there are people who agree but didn’t write?


He did bring out concerns, but they are hardly “sincere”.


It might be his “sincere” concern. In a forum, with all the conversations and clear/subtle sarcasms, unless a person reads every post accurately, some of the things can be easily misunderstood. It would be easier he he came out and pointed us a few posts. Without that, we have no way of knowing what his state of mind is and what he was referring to.


I am old enough not to care what the internet says. If I don’t like this place, I just stop reading it.


You bet there are. In fact his reference to Tibet and IP stealing reminds me of a few of the members here (I’m not gonna say who as I have no desire to turn this into a witch hunt). If he is a lurker I applaud him coming out from the shadows, but if it’s a second alias of a regular poster here, well, if you are reading this now, you are a coward, plain and simple. If you have something to say, come out and say it to that person’s face. Your virtual identity isn’t that precious.


I am mostly a liberal but I turned a blind eye towards the many liberal bashing threads. Of course we can’t agree on everything otherwise what’s even the point of discussing?

I actually think it’s OK for a person to have racist belief. I think we all do. What matters is treating people with respects and don’t be a jerk.


Jack Ma to step down one year from now. Daniel Zhang, current CEO, would take over in Sep 2019.


Progressives and communists have destroyed traditional liberalism. Actually liberals don’t even exist anymore. A true liberal in the traditional sense would be considered a conservative by progressives.


Jack Ma’s Departure Is Bad News for Alibaba Stock by Luke Lango of InvestorPlace. As of this writing, Luke Lango was long BABA.

There really isn’t any need to buy more Alibaba stock right now with sentiment negative and only weakening. But, this is a company with massive long-term growth potential, so once market sentiment normalizes thanks to trade tensions easing, that will spark a reversal in Alibaba stock that you will want to buy.


Are you fan of Lango? Who’s he? A billionaire?


just posting relevant articles.