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Luke is currently finishing his academic career at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), where he studied applied mathematics and economics.

Some 20-year-old who hasn’t finished school yet?


Completed in 2017.



Note the many women on the list. China was pretty good on gender equality but it has slipped since then.


Jack Ma :slight_smile: not China. In any case, only 1 child per couple, so women have as much support as men from their parent.


Chinese article on the new BABA CEO. He used to be CFO of BABA. Very rare for CFO to become CEO, even jack ma once cautioned companies against putting CFO into CEO position .

Jack Ma is obsessed with Kung fu novels. The new CEO has Chinese nickname 逍遙子。Jack Ma is of course 風清揚。Jack even bankrolled his own Kung fu movie and of course played the main character.


What happen to Jonathan Lu? He was officially retired after 2 years as CEO.


Cannot last without king fu nickname.


Who/where is 令狐冲? Isn’t he the best disciple of 風清揚?


The only disciple. Geez you didn’t read all those novels?

Here’s MV of Jack Ma’s movie, sung by jack ma. :smile:


Bought baba at ipo price of $90. Still holding on…


Have no idea what you want to do in life? You’re doing just fine… by Jack Ma. Be very sure, we will hear more of him now that he is leaving the corporate world. Is he a modern Confucius?


List of Lakeside Partners in Alibaba

Seven are among the original founders


What happen to the other 11 buddhas?


I don’t really keep track of the Buddha’s. Whatever they do they are filthy rich now.


Not likely. But perhaps he is a modern Bezos? :wink:


Bezos is still running the show. What’s wrong with Ma? Only 54 already wants to be a bum?




You are watching the concubine shows?


Yes… was watching 延禧攻略 :rofl:



On where?