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Do you think Jack Ma retired because it’s getting a bit uncomfortable being boss of the biggest private enterprise in China?


I don’t know and I don’t care. Keep investing for the long haul.


Kuaishou is another 10c backed app:

In China, farmers turn to viral videos to sell stuff


China stocks might have bottomed and are turning a corner. Just when I feel like up-ping my GTC purchase price, they jumped up!



Xi Jinping 65 years old
Li Keqiang 63 years old
Zhang Dejiang 71 years old
Yu Zhengsheng 73 years old

Jack Ma 54 years old
In his retirement speech, he said something like retire at this age can still do a 2nd career or something. Retire at over 60 (or is it 65), can’t do another job and hence hang on with current job, robbing younger & better guys the opportunity.


Xi is shit.


Hey, now I’m worry that Jack Ma might disappear from public.


Did they find out where ice ice went? Did she ever come back? :scream:


She evaded tax and was executed by the party as a warning to all tax evaders.


Where did you get this news or just speculation? Apparently the arrangement is industry practice.


I’d say my speculation is pretty spot on.



Isn’t she the most beautiful woman in China now?




While some bloggers spent inordinate amount of time debating about trade wars, China stocks are generally moving in the right direction :slight_smile: The bold catching of katana with tough gloves is paying dividends. BIDU is green. TCEHY and BABA need a little more push to be above water.



JD is run by a rapist. :rage:


Rapists can be a good CEO. Don’t confuse the roles.


Rapists are shit. Not good for anything.


Bytedance Ltd. is on its way to a more than $75 billion valuation – a price tag that surpasses Uber Technologies Inc. to top the world, according to CB Insights. The latest in a long line of investors who’ve come around is Softbank Group Corp., which is said to be planning to invest about $1.5 billion. Bytedance now counts KKR & Co., General Atlantic and even Sequoia as backers. Much of its lofty valuation stems from the creation of an internet experience that’s a cross between Google and Facebook.


20 days ago,

Today’s close. Finally to $19? Gap up with a black candle is usually bullish.


I sold my my last chinese stock last week. I don’t like the left hand turn Xi is doing. Do you know there’s now a salary cap for actors? I don’t want to get hit by some random policy BS.