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That does sound kind of BS if it isn’t fake news. Should consider more progressive taxing rather than salary cap.


Um… doesn’t sound so bad… don’t be such a cry baby, @manch

The salaries of on-screen performers should be capped at 40% of the total production costs, according to a joint notice from five government agencies including China’s tax authority, the television and film regulator, and the propaganda department. Leading actors should receive no more than 70% of total wages for the cast, according to the announcement, published in Xinhua.


Why should there even be a government mandated cap? Market economy means prices set by markets. China is turning Maoist. :scream:


Um… are you talking about rent control here in SF?


• Goldman Sachs reiterates its Buy and conviction list ratings for Alibaba (NYSE:BABA) and raises the target from $241 to $247, a 54% upside to yesterday’s close.

• Analyst Piyush Mubayi cites strong growth potential in the cloud and financial businesses.

• Mubayi says Alibaba’s cloud market share in China rose to 46% last year from 30% in 2015 and the Ant Financial segment now has 640M customers using at least two of its financial services.

• Key analyst quote: “We remain impressed with Alibaba’s overall leverage to China consumption growth given its strategy, positioning, ability to build new businesses (such as new retail) and its execution.”


In China, government only mandate their citizens. Elsewhere government mandates other governments :crazy_face:


Have you been drinking? :thinking:


He’s referring to America policing the rest of the world instead of minding its own business like China does…


I was wondering about this because that’s not the same as what I heard. According to the SG source below it’s much stricter. Stars can’t charge more than 10M yuan for a season of TV shows. That’s total bullshit.


That’s because too many actors broke the law and evaded tax. It’s now causing a backlash. Things will die down eventually. All these is part of growing pain as China is still a developing society and not quite mature. This should make it a exciting investment opportunity.


These sort of bullshit policies often come out all of a sudden without warning, much less consultation. Business environment has turned much worse in Xi’s second term.

There are also talks of 「國進民退」roughly means “advance of state and retreat of private enterprises”. After much uproar that got shot down. To this day it’s not clear if it’s some trial ballon from Xi admin or some Maoist wing trying to push their own agenda. Really scary. :scream:




Note that dragon’s idol is on the hit list. :smile:


She is from Taiwan. She naturalized?


@hanera is that newspaper some kind of tabloid? Or is it some respectable paper in SG?




Another huge downside of chinese stocks is that I think the US is hell bent on containing China. Trade war with China is not about trade. In fact US settles or on the way to settle its trade disputes with every country except China.


China cannot be “contained”. If that’s the case then maybe you should double down on chinese stocks.


I will go in after Trump got impeached.


Too late by then. Was better to buy Amzn in the 90s than 2010s.