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Bilibili Stock Soars on $318 Million Tencent Investment


Not all things can go the free market style. For example, firefighting, police, military, and education. Is up to the government to decide what should or should not be. They are paid to make this kind of decision.


Those you can argue are essential social services. But actresses? Come on now.


I’m not a politician :sweat_smile:


China Stocks: Opportunity or Danger?

That said, this combination of higher perceived political and geographic risk often leads to attractive valuations in stocks.

The opportunities in select Chinese stocks are simply too good to pass up.

Pumping IQ :slight_smile:


Good, my Bidu stock will soar to the sky then, since it owns IQ… :rofl:


The Big Hack: How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate Amazon and Apple

This will take confrontations with China to a whole new level. :scream:


Super Micro (SMCI) tanked. Who’s buying?



Are we in Red Sea?


If report is confirmed trade war will look a lot more like a real war. This stuff is very explosive.


If it isn’t now trading at the over the counter market, I would have bought some.

The Bloomberg report seems suspicious. It either mistaken an IPMI chip as the spy chip, or it is a bug/hack in its IPMI functions. The fact that bloomberg never even mentioned the word IPMI shows it’s likely the former.


Here is the Link. I do not know true or not, but discussed at Mike Pence level (as per Bloomberg)

Today, Nasdaq turned red, better to grab some good companies.


Looks like it’s fake news. WW3 averted, for now.

Apple’s denial in particular is unusually verbose, addressing several different parts of the Bloomberg report explicitly, and is a far cry from the kind of vague denial that one might expect if the company were subject to a government gag order preventing it from speaking freely about the alleged hack.

It’s very irresponsible for Bloomberg to dish out this kind of half-baked explosive report. :rage:


Wow, what is Bloomberg now? Is it a tabloid?

From this blog, Amazon had officially denied it more than once before Bloomberg published it. It is not an unverified story, it is a known untrue story. I start to see Trump’s point now.


Uh oh. Please don’t…


Pile Into Alibaba Stock Before Its Bullish Run

Actually is a lecture on option trading :slight_smile:


Baidu and iQiyi Go After $29.8 Billion Television Box Market

Are China people also couch potatoes?


This Chinese spy chip story feels fishier and fishier everyday. Who from the government leaked it? Is it some sort of conspiracy to corner China? What’s the deal here?


Some one is hell bent to destroy China reputation. Wonder why China is doing hardly any counter attacks. CIA does a lot of fishy stuffs, many American companies spy & steal IPs and sell low quality and obsolete tech at exorbitant prices, etc. what is Xi strategy?