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Isn’t China reverting back to the dark Maoist days? Why pay so much attention to a failing state?


Pretty long and kinda wild in a very chinese way. It says DXP sent troops into Vietnam in order to cozy up to the US, which in turn earned the trust of the Americans and led to 40 years of super high economic growth. Good read.




It failed again and again before because it was not able to implement capitalism. But once market forces are set in motion, progress becomes irreversible irrespective of politics. This has been the case for all European and East Asian countries, so don’t expect China to be any different.


Europe is capitalist? didn’t know.


The more capitalist a country becomes the richer it gets


On a similar note, if you look at a 30-year period countries who collect under 20% of GDP in taxes grow more than 2x as fast as countries who collect over 40% of GDP in taxes. There’s literally no logical reason to want a high tax big government policy.

The other one I was thinking about is people talk about how CEO pay in the US is much higher compared to the average worker pay than other countries. Then they name all these countries where CEO pay is closer to worker pay with the implication that workers in those countries are better off. The issue is American workers make more than workers in all of those countries. So why does it really matter if CEO pay is higher in America? It makes you realize making workers better off isn’t the goal. The goal is making everyone more equal even if they are all worse off.


Exactly my point. Europe is more socialist than capitalist.

However, I also see this as the progression of economic models, meaning europe was very agressive with its kings/rulers looking out for expansion, but over time, they became less agressive. Now US is agressive both military wise, and economic wise. At some point, US might go more on the socialist end, and some other actor will rise. The answer may not be china, though.


Please learn your history before speaking. Capitalism was invented in Europe.


Did i say anything about “history”? Please learn to understand what you read first.


Still is despite what you might think.




Assume he’s right. “More than” means “yes there is”. 49% of the country practicing capitalism is not bad at all.


Do you have a definition of “capitalist” and “socialist”?

In the list of the world’s most free economies US is beaten by Canada and many European countries.


Don’t fall into the “US is No.1” trap. The world is a big place.


US isn’t but the Bay Area is.


Yeah right and San Tung has the best Chinese food in the world. :roll_eyes:


Not San Tung, but Koi Palace.


Amazing what new leadership does :slight_smile:


Trump has least to do with that…


Koi Palace’s dim sum sucks.