China Stocks




Do you believe him? Or election hype. Like the 10% tax cut for the middle class


Time to Buy Chinese Shares on Central Bank Shift: Matthews Asia



It’s low enough for me. I started buying some.


How come? Did Xi just resigned?


10c is too big for Xi to not care. Mainly it’s just because price is too low and I am a gambler. :smile:


Tcehy did many things that they demanded. Check id and restrict time spent playing games.


Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. logged 168.3 billion yuan ($24.3 billion) in sales in 16 hours of its annual Singles’ Day extravaganza, setting a record as shoppers swarmed the e-commerce giant’s online bazaars.


Chinese stocks are down again, but JD is surprisingly strong :thinking:


Tencent Finally Gives Its Battle-Weary Investors Some Relief

  • The result included 8.8 billion yuan of one-time gains

  • Gaming business has been unable to commercialize hit titles


I see why BAT is rallying.



Given an island reversal, quietly optimistic that it would push through 50-day SMA resistance.


Above 50-day SMA. Keep it up. BABA investment almost green :anguished:

Hitting 50-day SMA :fearful: TCEHY investment still long way to green :pensive:


Chinese Shares Look Very Cheap, Says Eastspring’s Wong

If you have to choose one, BABA or TCEHY?
from their holdings, my guess is LULU chose BABA, manch chose TCEHY and wqj chose TCEHY (right?).


I have Bidu, baba, and 10c.


I won’t buy now, given these choices, my favorite is BABA. This is the only company I had in the past. If I buy again, it will be BABA.


I placed a small limit order just now. Let see if it goes through :thinking:


Stop copying me. Buy at $10k worth per purchase. My lowest price for BABA is $131, so no buying for now. I am far from achieving $50k for each F10. Acquiring them slowly and steadily :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


My order isn’t for BABA. I bought in small chunks in the past, it’s not invented by you :sweat: