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Stop whining, find Apple a new SJ.


This one is a strong buy. I am in.

Pinduoduo Readies Plans For Monster U.S. IPO $PDD



I liquidated JD a while back, and only recently bought a small stake back. I will let the market tell me what to do. I am way more pumped about PDD now.


somehow these chinese ipos sound to me very ballooney.


You forsake TCEHY? Liquidated JD and booboo SOGO. Other than WeChat & QQ, what are the solid companies under TCEHY group?

Alibaba: Taobao, Tmall, Alipay, Sina Weibo, Youku, Tudou, Shenma
Baidu: Baidu Wallet, iQiyi, Baidu
Tcehy: JD, WeChat Pay, WeChat, QQ, Tencent Vido, Sogou


They learn from American companies. No profit, tons of hype, insanely high growth rate (subscription or revenue). One doesn’t know which one would likely survive so just join in the momentum train and pray.


PDD is backed by 10c.


i’ll give you a dollar.


02:19 PM EDT, 07/23/2018 (MT Newswires) – Huya ( HUYA ) and YY (YY) shares dropped in Monday trading after China Money Network cited a report saying competitor Douyou is considering a $700 million IPO in the U.S.
At 2:14 pm ET in New York, Huya ( HUYA ) shares fell 2.6% to $34.77, and shares of YY dropped 2.8% to $94.71.
Douyu was weighing a Hong Kong listing like competitor Inke, but will now debut in the U.S. like peer Huya ( HUYA ), the news outlet said.
Douyu follows its peers Huya ( HUYA ) and Inke, which went public in the U.S. and Hong Kong, respectively.
Douyu was valued at $1.5 billion, according to the report.
Douyu streams videos including entertainment, online games, sports events. In February, Douyu, Huya ( HUYA ) and YY topped the video streaming market, with market penetration rate of 4.25%, 3.61% and 3.33% respectively.
In March, Tencent, a social media giant, invested $632 million in Douyu and led a $461.6 million series B round in Douyu’s rival Huya ( HUYA ).
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TCEHY invested $ in HUYA and Douyu.


Broad-based recovery yet BILI fell.



IQ rebounded from 50-day SMA, did you add any?


Didn’t buy the last two days. Will buy some today.


Glad I did.


Glad I didn’t add :sob:


It’s still undervalued. Keep buying.


A three-year-old Chinese internet startup earned a nearly $24 billion market valuation in an initial public offering in New York, drawing high investor demand ahead of a string of larger internet IPOs from the country in the coming months.

Pinduoduo Inc., a Shanghai-based online discounter that some people call China’s Groupon, priced a $1.63 billion sale of American Depositary Shares at $19 apiece, the top end of their offered range, it said Thursday. The securities were to begin trading on Nasdaq Thursday.


I am living in USA and recently signed up membership of IQIYI. I have no opinion about anyone’s investment decision. Long or short, we all showed our interest in this stock and want to make profit. I am here just to share my observations as a IQ member. Please just ignore it if you are not interested. I also welcome any constructive friendly discussion.

On IQIYI, I got hooked by a Chinese classic drama series”The Dream of the Red Chamber”(shared content streaming 0.2 billion viewed so far). Surprisingly I was able to read the original classic novel literature (on which the drama series were based). Just one click on the book logo. This classic novel is free for reading, but another new hot fiction by a top internet writer is for RMB 5cents/1000words.

There are “viewer online social room”. Content related products online shop; “meeting the superstar “ chance for members; free one year JD membership for new IQ sub members; separate Children content app; short video self posting app; reading app…exclusive streaming, VIP streaming or shared content streaming on hot films, TV dramas, variety shows, reality shows produced by IQ or the others.

Here are some viewing data to share:

Peppa pig (with Chinese voiceover)
season 3: 3.2 billion viewed. season4: 5.65 billion viewed.

A classic Kongfu drama series “The legend of shooting heroes” total 52 episodes. Members could view all episodes without much ads and waiting period. 4.85 billion viewed so far.

A new drama series “The legend of Yunxi” 2.03 billion viewed so far since its streaming started in May. Total 48 episodes.

IQ produced show ” Hot Blood Dance Group” opening episode on March 17th with 0.2 billion viewed. There were 13 episode through out Q2, each episode average over 0.1 billion viewed.

Self made hot content “The Rap of China” opening episode on July 14th with 0.2 billion viewed. The ads revenue is very impressive. Members could skip the 120 seconds ads at the beginning, IQ smartly insert 1-2second ads here there during the show at a just noticeable yet very comfortable level. The ads revenue is with big names.

Members get to watch extra materials related to those streaming hot movies, reality shows, TV drama series talk shows and sometime invited to meet with superstars at a star&fans or PR event.

Although I only speak for myself, I have much confidence and faith in IQ’s business model. My only concern is that I would spend too much time watching IQ content on the phone, lab-top and smart TV!!!

Cool infotainment platform, hope Eddy Cue can come up an improved version :slight_smile:


After my first post, I was encouraged to give more user observations. Again a long post that tests one’s stamina and interest in this company, a post I assume Robbie would read…:slight_smile: One can simply ignore it. It would be for a while before I post another long post again.
A few weeks ago before I signed up IQ VIP membership, there were quite a bit content I could watch for free as long as I could bear the 120 seconds ads once in a while. There were some content marked at the upper right corner with “VIP” sign。 I signed up the VIP after I bought IQ stock. one is to avoid ads and enjoy uninterrupted flow. second is to get to know this company that I am investing in.

Ever since I became VIP, I forgot how it is like to use IQ for non-members. Just tonight, I suddenly noticed that almost all major TV series, Movies, drama series…etc on IQ are marked “VIP” at upper right corner. Please go on the website and check it out yourself.
This includes a very popular TV suspense drama series “Lao Jiu Men”. (老九门)(15.2 billion viewed!)
I scroll down the comment area and read some of the comments. some people say they joined the membership just to finish watching this drama. Some people complained “why suddenly I can not watch for free?” Strangely only in this drama series commentary area, some people are begging the other VIP members to lend the membership for “just one day” because “I am a student, I don’t watch this much, but I really really like this drama and need to finish it.”. Then other people would ask these people to “roll out” “go away”, and saying “if you really really want to watch it that badly, you would pay for VIP. it is not that much anyways”. A few sympathetic ones suggested them to wait out or watch someone else’ downloads. There might be a few even lend out their VIP info…(strangely just for this drama! and how could they lend the info that requires personal phone number password etc…) 48 episodes would take a lot data space and time to be download or watched. I have to say that Chinese used to share membership codes and enjoy watching piracy content in the 80s,90s. it has become less and less popular/acceptable as the economy grows rapidly in recent years.
When I dogged in a bit more, I started to understand IQ company strategy and its drive for subscription now. For drama series, the company now only give out a few episodes for free, the rest are all VIP.
Because of the good quality of the content, people are more likely hooked up by the first a few episodes, if one does not join VIP, for some drama, you can not continue to watch at all。 for some drama, one has to not only bear the ads, but also wait for the once a week updates.
More observation: Children’s contents are also mostly with VIP sign now!
There is also a Tennis channel streaming WTA that requires separate club membership. The monthly subscription price
is USD$4.99 yearly $51.99 (since I registered as a user in US, it showed me USD price. )
I got notices to many IQ activities online, if I volunteer to edit out my favorite movie drama moment, I get 5 reward credits, if I watch content 30 minutes continuously, I get 10 credits. When you have accumulated enough credits, one could go to IQ online shop to purchase goods with credits…The goods including the NBA shirt that the rapper in “The rap of China” wears.
My goodness, I found it encouraging but meanwhile am feeling overwhelmed by all these updated business conducts. One could spend hours and hours on IQ platform, be directed from one thing to another…
These days, I want to be outdoor enjoying the summer…I would warn myself not to be hooked with a 48-episode drama that had 15.2 billion views. (if you are really interested, copy and type in 老九门). But if that is good for IQ business, which side should I stand? :slight_smile:

IQ rocks.


@hanera time to pay for VIP membership and tell us your personal take.

One thing that stands out from all chinese internet companies is that they are very flexible in their business models. It’s really “whatever works”. Highly pragmatic. American companies may like to be pure and look down on these types of hybrids. Chinese companies just want to make a few bucks here and there. You will never see Netflix sell t shirts.


Elon and Snapchat are also very flexible