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HULU is a direct competitor of NFLX.
In addition to T, AAPL is expected to launch a video streaming service next year.
Avoid NFLX.


AT&T will suck. It just doesn‘t have the tech DNA in it. Streaming needs to have both content and tech. Netflix has the best in both.


NFLX runs on AWS. I’m amazed that at their scale they don’t have their own data centers.


Such big companies will have tie-up with Amazon to host array of servers exclusively for them. Maintenance head-aches are left to the service providers so that NFLX can focus on their own growth.

We can not say out right, esp after taking TWR. I used 3 months AT & T one GBPS fiber in San Jose, exceptional bandwidth produces good 4k Qualify videos.

It is easy for them to scale up, but depends on pricing. If AT & T beats NFLX by pricing, it is a big issue for NFLX.

IMO, they have the potential and how they take up and manage it is yet to be seen.


Most of the content of video streaming providers would be identical. I believe streaming technologies and internet is so advanced that the difference in quality won’t be much. So providers can only differentiate by:

a. Price as alluded by Jil
b. Original programming

For b… so long providers can come up with occasional blockbuster shows, subscribers are not likely to unsubscribed. This is what many providers are doing. Unlike a physical device, many of us (exclude manch) subscribe to many video streaming services.


By tech I don’t mean streaming network that kind of infra tech. But even there it’s non trivial but you can buy your way in. Rather I mean the consumer facing part, the experience. Does the app have good UI? How’s the recommendations engine? Netflix used to run competitions for years challenging teams to design algorithms that outrun its own in-house recommendation engine.

AT&T haz zero chance.


In that case, you should be afraid, very afraid of the impending video streaming service from the renowned user experience company.


Apple should have bought HBO. Maybe there’s too much nudity and violence? Instead the old dinosaur att now has it.

Problem with apple is that it’s lacking the other half: contents.


Hastings laid out netflix’s strategy years ago before they did originals: Netflix will become HBO faster than HBO can become Netflix.

Now Netflix has more awards for its shows than HBO but HBO hasn’t really started doing any tech yet.


Sound like you are suggesting T to cooperate with AAPL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I have seen that movie before :+1:


Here is the media landscape how things are linked as of date.



Place your bets.


Already placed.

AAPL would eat up those guys :stuck_out_tongue:


Tim Cook is too timid to eat anything big. Steve Jobs would have been bolder.


Tencent Music Moves Forward With IPO After Delay

Tencent Music said it would aim to price its American depositary shares in a range of $13 to $15. At the midpoint of that range, Tencent Music would be valued at $22.9 billion on a fully diluted basis, according to Dealogic. That would make it the largest IPO by market cap to file in the U.S. since Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. went public in 2014.


Bold move. IPO in this type of market?


IPO while the market is still not completely in the dumps.


Things Will Be Rough a Little While Longer for Tencent Stock

Tencent stock is a long term winner with a plethora of near term headwinds. So long as those near term headwinds persist, investors should avoid buying the dip.

the true core of the digital revolution in China is Tencent.
social media, game, digital video, music, payments, cloud, …

Due to slowing economic expansion in China and elevated competition, Tencent’s growth has meaningfully decelerated over the past several quarters… until those margins start expanding and/or revenue growth re-accelerates and/or trade headwinds clear, Tencent stock will remain depressed for the foreseeable future.


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