China Stocks



I share what I like to share. I don’t blindly succumb to other people’s wishes.


What about 1st and 2nd?


Largest is AAPL right? I think is near $2M, so 10,000 shares.
2nd is? TSLA or GOOG. I think is GOOG, about $1M+, so 1000 shares.
In summary, my best guess is:
AAPL 10,000 shares
GOOG 1000 shares
FB 7500 shares @$38


You purposefully doubled his stake :rofl:

If I guess right, he will have half of it, major portion in real estate. :thinking:


He mentioned long ago is 50:50. His net worth is somewhere between $7-9M.


Nothing to see here. It’s just more of China being innocent.


I do not know how much he has etc, but his real estate must be greater than stocks as he is flipping/holding in bay area real estate.


Ok it’s my turn to guess. You have 20000 shares of Aapl and your net worth is $10M.




Sold a day too early, but told you guys he’s not a rapist.


He may not be a rapist technically, but he’s a rapist at heart. Too salty wet to be a great leader. Sell.


Good news keep coming out from China. Buy with all limbs?


Told you capitulation is never a good thing.


Don’t invest in salty wet men.


Mentioned last Nov that TCEHY appears to be completing an inverse H&S, here is the update. Currently, is trapped within 38.2%-50.0% retracement, it declined slightly below 61.8% to a 52-week low of $31.54, last Friday closed at $40.62. Yes, another stock that hit 61.8% retracement and re-bounced… not a co-incidence because of vastly different fundamentals, is human behavior, we are affected by macro factors and our biological makeup. Broke above 50-day SMA, breaking above 200-day SMA would be nice.


Closed below 38.2% Retracement. WeChat is so super that it single handedly stall iPhone :iphone: growth in China. Now with Siri added is like :tiger2: with wings. 1300 seem too few, so to add or not to add?


That was a major bottom. Can definitely add more… no brainer.


Added 200, now owned 1500 shares and most importantly is Green :drum:. The mindless scaling in as share price decline finally bear fruits :apple: No need for sophisticated fundamental analysis and charting :secret:


Almost there. Currently, above 38.2% retracement, expect minor retracement to $39-$41, buy some more :slight_smile: 1500 is also too few :thinking: