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On a bigger chart for clarity.


New issue:


Would add if next week retraces to ~$42
Holding 1500 green :grinning:


“I think stupidity is the biggest disease, worse than cancer,” he said. “Cancer is curable, stupidity is not.”

Meanwhile, those who always rant about inequity or harbor “negative energy” must be avoided, he said.


In other words, no more complaints about sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. Go with the flow…


Stating the obvious. Cancer is still worse. People can die of cancer, but they won’t die due to stupidity.


Stupidity is worse in the sense that it affects the people around it but cancer is not contagious. :smile:

Witness the Chinese saying “teammates dumb as pigs”. :smile:


China is still in the bare-knuckle stage of capitalism. It’s a very brutal dog-eat-dog world there.






Maybe it’s only a Hong Kong slang. :smile:


Is Manch profiling some1?

I think Jack meant fools :crazy_face:

Recalled I mentioned retrench all hardworking fools in peacetime and massacre :scream: them in wartime. Lazy fools can be employed as …, hardworking fools spread negative energy around :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Plenty die due to stupidity. Darwin Award winners.



China’s Ready to Party Like It’s 2015 Again

Time to buy China stocks blindfolded?


Yes!!! :rofl:


BABA jumps! after WS digests it’s earning 5 days ago.


China stocks portfolio, slightly green, BABA & TCEHY combined slightly greener than BIDU red.

BABA above 200-day SMA!

TCEHY above 200-day SMA!

BIDU barely above 50-day SMA :frowning: Goner?


Tencent pouring money into Reddit:


Huffman went on to abuse that power, secretly editing some user comments on Reddit to frame them for insulting the heads of their own Subreddits. He escaped the debacle with a slap on the wrist and an apology, claiming “I spent my formative years as a young troll on the Internet.”

This guy is shit hot! Invest.