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This is just part of the line for Ma’s red envelope. Some people lined up overnight.


Is Baidu a Buy?

For investors who are OK with taking on that profile in pursuit of big returns, Baidu stock’s risk-to-reward proposition is worth taking.

MF hypes BIDU 4 days ago. In 2 more days, we will know whether MF is in the money.

BIDU Feb 21 AH
IQ Feb 21 AH
HUYA Feb 25


Of course it is. It’s so cheap now it’s a no brainer.


JD’s Richard Liu is turning into Bozos.


Miss this article, Baidu Could Rally 20% on a Trade Deal

Earning out soon.

IQiyi, the Netflix (and YouTube) of China, Breaks Out Ahead of Earnings

Earning out soon.


Go Baidu!!!


Baidu Announces Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2018 Results

Total revenue rose to 27.2 billion yuan from 23.56 billion yuan. Net income attributable to the company fell to 2.08 billion yuan ($309.55 million) in the fourth quarter ended Dec. 31, from 4.16 billion yuan a year earlier.


Not good enough. Was expecting gapping up above $180.


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It will by tomorrow.


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BIDU crashes despite rallying AH yesterday. IQ does the opposite, now up 21%. AH behavior is not indicative😢

IQ is on :fire:



Doesn’t Bidu own IQ? How can it drop when IQ explodes? Something is not adding up.