China Stocks



Forum is quiet. Guess every1 is at the slaughter house.



Baseline Mar 1 2019 Friday close

iBath -2.48%
China portfolio - 6.13% HUYA and BIDU gain returned.


I don’t understand all these idiots who have no clue to the value of any stock. Bidu should be trading at $300. Baba at $250. 10c at $100.


FOBS, fear of big sellers, and fear of can’t get back money/ money tied up for a long time if tariff negotiation fell through. Kind of coiled spring. Once it is clear, they would rocket* and not travel like train. So if you don’t need the money for a long time and can hold, when the time comes, you make tons in just a short time. *Double in 3-9 months.

Current worth of China portfolio is about $100k, used to be $200k, sold half when they rallied after earnings. Timing to get back to $200k :smile:


Needs to be at least $500k. 1 million is better.


Refer to the multi-year chart of BIDU. Quite confident that the completion of wave (IV).C, there would be a multi-year up-wave rocketing to a new ATH. However, unsure when wave (IV).C would be completed, the two possibilities is about $40 apart, at $170 could have downside of $60. Until picture is clearer, risky to commit too much capital unless as rich as you :slight_smile:


It’s not the lack of capital but fear that is limiting you.


why wait around for stocks to go up?
Start your own company. Why trust the incompetence of others? You have no control over stocks, governments, currency and trade issues. Invest in your own start up.


I’m afraid I can’t do that. I like to work no more than an hour a day, maybe even less than that. It’s best if I didn’t have to work at all :rofl: Therefore, wait around for stocks to go up is most suitable for me… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Slow to react at $138.



Ten cents earning on Mar 20. I sold 2/3 of holdings at $46+ then GTC buy at $43, didn’t get that low and next day jumped to $45! last Friday $45.96 now suffering seller remorse :sob:

@manch Did you sell your favorite TCEHY to buy BABA?


No. I actually added a little bit of 10c. Need to have both baba and 10c.




BABA and IQ look good technically.


BIDU and BABA underperforms. @manch BABA is as suck as BIDU :slight_smile:




U.S. stocks extended declines after President Donald Trump signaled he would keep tariffs on China until it was clear the country was complying with terms of a future trade deal.

The remarks were delivered to reporters at the White House before Trump left for Ohio on Wednesday.



Better now.


After Fed Sees No 2019 Hike, Plans September End to Asset Drawdown.



Tencent Q4 disappoints, cloud and payment gain ground

Re-bounced so quickly. Refused to drop to $43. Buy back now or wait patiently?