Christmas Comes Early

A tenant just told me he is vacating his 3 bedroom flat in lower Nob Hill. Rent was $2100/mo. God, I love you!!!

Are you looking at $6000???

Free San Tung wings for everyone is in order.

Just looking at Craigs, man, asking rent in the fab 7x7 ain’t no joke. Here we go again with 50 mails on the first day of posting…

My nephew made his old man drive all the way up from SV for some of them wings tonight. They aren’t nicknamed “crack” wings for nothin…

Zillow rent estimate is your friend.

Merry Christmas to you, @sfdragonboy!
Are SF rents still strong?

Instacart some free wings to my house. Even though I am no big fan of San Tung.

God, I would do it and send over a couple of orders even, as long as I get to watch you have to finish off every loving morsel…

San Tung Dry Fried Chicken Wings = Hitting CA Lotto

Are San Tung chicken wings good?

Well, keep in mind that we are seeing a lease vacating at $2100 for a 3 bd flat in a prime location of SF. Think about that, if you had 3 roommates that is only $700/mo to live in the greatest 7x7 patch in the world!!! The only reason why this is opening up is the guy is buying a home. Smart, why give more money away right, even though that is a decent deal… Even if rents have come down a tad, there should be no problem bumping to say high 3s or maybe 4s without being overly greedy which I am not. I want a tenant who will be there for a couple of years at least to minimalize the turnover. The last thing I want really is someone who only stays a year and there we go again with the cleaning, etc… I wish that I can get 6k like Uncle @manch thinks but that may be a tad unrealistic. I am not offering city views or parking amenities…

Now my cpa neighbor thinks I can do really well with renting it as corporate housing since his clients do just that and make a lot of money apparently. He mentioned one client who does a form of Airbnb and makes 6 figures income/yr just doing that with his properties. Nice. So, would need to furnish the place. Need to consider it. We have a month. Short walk to the Financial District and downtown. When my director’s come into town, they regularly stay down by Union Square for what, 400/night minimum and sometimes it is tough even finding a hotel at that rate. The city will ravage your wallet without any remorse…

Yea, coportate housing is pretty hot. You can try service like these, maybe talk to them and see what you can get through them:

About corporate housing, what does it take to prevent it turning into a regular old leasing? If I were to go into corp leasing, the last thing I want to do is to deal with rent control and tenant rights issue, because you are providing way more in service.

There was a horror story when some scammer stayed in a SF AirBnB for over 30 days and suddenly she became a tenant and a full set of anti-landlord laws kick in. I don’t remember the end of that story, but the owner must have gone thru hell to try to “evict” her.

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Wow, one of my studio inlaw apartments just became available. New job in So Cal. Ok, sweet. I did the Rentometer thing and looked on Craigs. My projected price was barely even touched by several other listings but mine is nicer and I include all utilities and amenities. And, get this, a very attractive applicant from the past texted me recently and asked if I had anything. Bingo!!!

Wow, rent control in the Fab 7x7 ain’t so tough to work around (granted if that law doesn’t allow increases that would suck)

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Why not sell the house before Prop 10? Remove the inlaw to revert it back to single family house to sell at a better price? Or just simply sell a vacant house with a vacant inlaw, some buyers have no idea about Prop 10 and there’s no regulation to disclose that you heard of Prop 10 already.

Are you working in LA area now?

No, tenant is going to So Cal. No, can’t sell just yet. Besides, I have 2 inlaws, both legal spaces. I feel I must get over 2M for Sunset, or I am not doing my job. With San Bruno booming, I told wifey that Fremont is back in the picture. Work has slowed down for her lately with the slowdown in the housing market so I told her that if we move to Fremont I will let her retire. Funny, she didn’t complain about how dinky the Fremont house is…

What does your wife do? You can use your wife as a barometer of the housing market :rofl:

2 legal inlaw units makes your house a 3 unit. Rent controlled already, just watch out for vacancy control.

The librarian? :smile:

Every woman @sfdragonboy encounters is either attractive or very attractive. :thinking:

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There are no ugly women in this world, only lazy women :grin:

Nope, school teacher…arguably in my Top 5 most attractive rental applicant. And, I have been doing this for many moons…

Come on, of course not, but we are only pointing out the outlier exceptional ones.