Cisco Buys AppDynamics

Shoot, we could have gotten a bump in local real estate had that IPO for AppDynamics gone through. Based in SF…

Cisco is paying premium over the IPO price.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: SF RE!!

Right. Why bother listing on public market? It’s scary and stock investors are known to be mean…


Should have taken up on AppDynamics’ recruiters’ invitation to interview back in 2014 :sob:

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Many who refuse to join Apple from 1997-2001 thinking Apple would go bankrupt regret too.

I had no problem with the company; it was just bad timing. Oh well onto the next gem.

Aaah, so what’s a few more pairs of Lululemon yoga pants to ya???:grin:

I heard of AppDynamics but had no idea what they do. I still kinda don’t. Seems pretty filmsy TBH.

Just drink the Kool-Aid and stop asking legitimate questions!!! :grin: