Climate Change

The population of Phoenix has exploded since 2006.

…to which I might add, as soon as there’s potential $$$ in saying people died of something, just like COVID, expect deaths attributed to that one thing to soar. Why do you think so any deaths are “under investigation?”

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“Among them was 8-year-old Athena Wilson from Boca Raton, Florida. She and her mother Maleah, flew from Florida just for Sunday’s protest.

“Because we care about our planet,” Athena said. “I really want the Earth to feel better.”“

I’m so confused. They are protesting, because they want to stop the use of fossil fuels. They flew on a plane which uses fossil fuels to attend the protest. It’s like protesting to ban guns while carrying a concealed gun.

Climate protests have been going on worldwide for several years, but this march seemed to have more of a sense of urgency and frustration, said Anna Fels, a New Yorker who has been protesting and marching since the Vietnam War. And the march, unlike others, was more clearly focused on fossil fuels.”

That sounds about right. Some people treat protesting like a profession, and they just move from cause to cause based on the flavor of the week.

I saw some anti-war protestors. I really wanted to ask them what the solution to Ukraine is. If Ukraine doesn’t fight back, Russia isn’t going to voluntarily stop taking land. I guess if someone shows up with tanks you just vacate your home and keep retreating. Then if you get to the ocean you just swim out until you die? That way there’s no war.

Protestors are just chronic complainers that don’t have any viable solutions.

If the use of fossil fuels is stopped completely, the world would face an energy crisis affecting electricity, heating, transportation, and industry, leading to disruptions in daily life and economic activities. Industries heavily reliant on fossil fuels would suffer, causing economic downturns, job losses, and financial instability.

No way!


Wildfire smoke is reversing years of air pollution progress
New Stanford study shows fires are increasingly to blame for bad air, particularly in California and the West


It shows how irrationally unhinged the environmentalists are. They are against pollution from cars and electricity. Meanwhile, they are also against any sort of forest management practices that’ll minimize pollution from forest fires.



"“It costs a lot to actually service these panels, and a lot of people have fallen through the cracks.”

Funny how one never hears about this. The output of my own system was grossly exaggerated; I don’t even zero in months when the place is unoccupied.


Even some of the biggest solar-power companies in the U.S., including SunRun, Tesla, and SunPower have faced legal complaints about the sales practices, solar panels, and financing options at their companies or companies they’ve acquired.

Including one company whose energy business would be worth $5T :roll_eyes:

It’s not surprising that companies struggled to keep up with necessary maintenance and repair for solar panels on peoples’ homes; it costs much more, on a per watt basis, to maintain rooftop solar than utility-scale solar, says Liu, the Wood Mackenzie analyst. Utility-scale solar provides such relatively large amounts of power that they have the cost of regular inspections and maintenance built in, while residential rooftop solar is often installed and then largely forgotten.

It means no need to instal rooftop solar power. Continues to engage electric utility.

Regulators are eyeing their options, but they also don’t want to put in place barriers that might slow the development of a technology that, when it works, can be very good for society. “Consumers want solar panels, and nobody wants us to stop the availability of solar panels. ” says Tong, the Connecticut attorney general. “They don’t want the government making it more difficult or getting in their way.”

No, I don’t want solar panels. Also annoy about frequent soliciting by solar panel installers.

The adopters of rooftop solar today may have fewer problems than the customers of the last decade; more people are now buying their systems outright, rather than leasing them, and the rise of battery storage has enabled homeowners to use more of the energy their panels generate, saving more money. What’s more, says Liu, the Wood Mackenzie analyst, as the market matures, solar companies are investing more into both selling systems and maintaining them.

Tell me when the industry has matured and I’ll join the late majority group.

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I live in a LEED building now. I’m probably don’t more to combat climate change than all the people paranoid about it. Ha!

I’m basically over here saving the planet:

That’s the impact of doing some of my grocery shopping with Imperfect Foods.

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Solar panels are loosing their appeal because PGE and other utilities are playing games with paying out on their free power. The charge up to $.68/hr for their power and give only less than $.10 when you sell back them. The whole leasing thing was based on a big lie… Get free solar… sign here and be on the hook for 20 years. The industry is full of crooks and liars… from PGE down to local installers… all encouraged by stupid Democrats who failed grade school math… save the planet? Save me from dishonest politicians promising 100% renewable energy… 20% is the maximum feasible without batteries we don’t have and a huge amount of nuclear power.
Windmills and solar panels are basically greenwashing propaganda.
I had solar put on my house in 2006. It broke even in 10 years… fortunately a buyer thought it had some value. It will probably have to be replaced in a couple of years. High interest rates will reek havoc on all future green products… Especially the “free solar” scams…

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Well, solar fed to PG&E isn’t free. It often can’t be used but they still have to pay for it.
And 0.10 is likely close to the wholesale they pay from other sources.

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PGE is a criminal enterprise… I know… I am a former Employee of Pacific Graft and Extortion



I wonder how long before other states and cities file lawsuits against California for its inability to manage forests.

Be careful what you pray for. Controlled burns - essential for managing risk - could also be grist for lawsuits.
This also makes one wonder how significant human emissions are compared to all those volcanoes now erupting.