Cloud Kings


BOX and DBX are junk stocks. Buy at your own risk. They don’t have moats. Easily replace by the big boys like Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon.


Laugh at Jim for all you want. His choice of cloud stocks are pretty good.
He listed cloud kings as early as Mar 2018. Many have jumped 100% since then.



Cramer got the big trend right.


Technically, DBX is strongly than BOX because DBX stayed above 50-day SMA whereas BOX broke below 50-day SMA.


3 clouds reported.

SPLK considered as a loser stock shot up to new ATH.

WDAY up.

NTNX down big.


Who said SPLK is a loser stock? :thinking:


@Jil jumping in to save NTNX? Used to have 1000 shares, sold 900 at $50s, left with 100 shares, wondering whether I should grab some :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: 2mrw.


You are in true trader spirit. I can not predict what will happen tomorrow or Monday or Tuesday. If you have sold 900 at $50 profitably, be happy. NTNX is not in my watch list too.

Since I am seeing weak economy next 45-90 days, anything can happen to market. I am 100% in cash, no stocks, not looking at any stocks except indexes.


What happen your loyalty to WB’s stocks like AAPLs and STNEs?


Still that loyalty is not lost. I do not think that I will buy AAPL, but STNE and TEVA for sure. As of date, took profit appx 10%-12% range (exceeded my expectation).

IMO, All of these, I can get it at a discount in near future, just in 45-90 days.

True, I may be timing the market, let me test my skill.


I don’t think all stocks would be cheaper 45-90 days later.


Since I reached my limit above 10% range, enough for me, I wanted to take some time. I can wait until Dec 31, 2019.


I may have to dump this one. I’m up slightly based on AH. The fact they are blaming lack of sales on slow sales staff hiring is a giant warning flag.


33%20AM 45%20AM


Clouds are generally green in a green day. Coincidentally, the red clouds are BOX, DBX and SQ :fearful:


Green cloud princes.



The crash of cloud stocks has begun?
@manch busy unloading cloud stocks? They are down huge. Mother ship of clouds, AMZN, is up! Buy the mother, sell the children. My super duper SPLK is hammered hard too, what is going on?



Pump and dump :dancing_women:


They were national news as high flyers. Early buyers are taking profits.


Clouds are back. Seem like stock rotation, typically bullish.


MDB killed it - but i sold loong ago :frowning: