CNN: if trump is killed during inauguration, obama appointee would be president

Even a Clinton family friend threatened to kill Trump. Is this a real news and real arrest?

It’s a real news. OMG.

The job ain’t worth all the tea (real, not fake or toxic) in China, eh @hanera??? :grin:

I have lost any interest in running for any office. Even if you appoint me as the president, I would decline for the sole purpose of staying alive.

Something can be said for having the real hands-on opportunity to help people. But the problem is, you can never ever please everyone. Case study: Ed Lee. He comes in, and by most measures, did a good to great job righting the Fab 7x7 ship. Employment improved vastly and the city coffers were filling up to take care of the many needs of the city. One would think Da Mayor would be golden right? Of course not. You have the progressives raining down about the gentrification of various neighborhoods and the invasion of the techies. Look at the Mayor, present day. Reduced to a fraction of what he was at the beginning. One can say the same about Obama. The job is a tough one, no doubt…

It was said that Trump running for President is his biggest philanthropic gifts to the people. As a successful businessman, he does not need all the personal benefits to be a president. He runs for the president to help the people.

The best mayor for SF would be a businessman, not a politician. I am not sure if SF people will be lucky enough to get a non-politician as the next mayor. Maybe a capable businessman from tech or traditional business community. The professional politicians will kill your fab 7x7.

Gavin Newsom was a businessman before being elected to mayor.

The difficulty with the Fab 7x7 of course is that despite the wealth here there is the huge renter class that tends more often than not to vote for all the liberals and their fav views.

At 70 Trump is half dead already. .He has such an ego that if he gets shot, he will be thinking about his huuuuge ratings before he slips into the next world…

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BTW, Mayor of SF is a thankless job with no rewards and high risks…Just ask poor George Moscone

He may be 70 and half dead but Melania is not that hard on the eyes. She could raise Lazarus amongst other things… You include her in meetings, men would have a hard time saying no to you or concentrating. Remember this from Ariel Sharon? He couldn’t concentrate due to Condi Rice’s legs…