Come on, Just Give Up Hong Kongers

…you are going to wear the Mao Jacket or else!!!

Maybe one day…

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…Must … be … assimilated … by … the … Borg.

The red line is Hong Kong independence. You can’t run for HK’s mini Congress if your platform is to have HK secede from China. I’d like to have no such red lines but on the other hand it’s not an unreasonable line.

Many in the West fail to appreciate different societies make different tradeoffs. Some have more freedom in one area but less in others, other societies made different tradeoffs. I’d value the freedom to walk on street without being shot by guns to be the most important freedom for me, something we lack in the US of A, much higher than freedom to talk independence. Americans may disagree.

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I propose that West San Francisco secedes from East San Francisco. No more drugs/homesless/car-break-ins/crazy leftist politicians etc. Else … many guns. :sunglasses:

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Then you need to build 10-ft walls around West SF.

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Trump for Mayor! :sunglasses:

Americans just don’t realize how weird they look to people from other countries because most Americans only watch American news. People from other countries are baffled by the routine slaughter of kids by machine guns in American schools, by the casual killing of black people by white cops, etc etc. So what if HK can’t elect pro independence legislators?

I thought the umbrella movement is more about universal suffrage as opposed taking the concept another half-step, which is suffrage for the purpose of electing pro-independence legislators? Totally understand how from Beijing’s perspective that independence for HK is crossing a red line.

Americans, though, are all about “ain’t no one gonna tell me what to do.” I think Americans assume everyone is in the world also shares the sentiment of ANOGTMWTD … which is not true.

The umbrella movement is actually another showing how tolerant HK is towards mass protests. Protestors shut down the most busy part of HK and camp out on streets for a month or two. I can’t imagine even liberal cities like SF would tolerate protestors shut down market street for more than a day.

HK police used pepper spray and tear gas to try dispel people and that turned into a huge controversy. One cop fired a warning shot in the air because he felt on the ground surrounded by mobs and that too turned into a big deal. Again, can you imagine American cops to be so restrained? How come I keep seeing reports here about police firing on people from behind, when they were already lying on ground etc?

Funny how Hong Kong has better rule of law than USA according to this survey. Singapore’s is even better.

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Where’s China? Didn’t make the list?

This is only an average. Palo Alto has better rule of law than West Oakland.

Geez, Malaysia is kinda low on this. Too much corruption or what, preference for the Malay people? Nothing US greenbacks can’t solve, right? :grinning: