Come On, Mountain View!

mountain view is stupid.


Actually I think this is a good idea. If a major corporation moves in and puts Mom and Pop businesses out of business that is a bad idea. The idea that a company can expense local meals is better, although it would be more expensive.


Yes, have google subsidize local restaurants… :rofl:

Or they can just pay their employees more . They can use the money they would have spent building and running the cafeteria It might be good for them to get out of their cubicles and get some fresh air. :grin:

I am not spending time to go to a local shop, which won’t be able to handle google’s employee scale (There’ll be lots of employees looking for food).
That thing is time consuming, i hate to wait for food, and I refuse to eat at a place if they have a line in front.

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What they should do is they should cater from these stores instead. Or bring local food trucks not owned by company.

Can companies still have a cafeteria charging at cost or below cost?

Will just create more traffic. Milk pail market is too crowded already.

The article says companies can’t subsidize more than 50% of the meal on a regular basis.

Move to tenderloin instead. The poop and the noodles will set these people straight.

BTW tenderloin has the best Vietnamese food in town.

As long as cafeteria is allowed, company can charge for the food but pay employees a food stamp into the paycheck. This is benign and million times better than Sf

Google used to get all their catering food options from local shops. I know of one local Sushi joint in MTV that won the lottery of supplying all of Google’s sushi. They retired shortly after. :wink:

I do agree with sentiments though. If local stores can power (?) the employee lunches in terms of scale, there’s no reason why we should discourage that. When company food becomes the only option, the quality of both company food + street food suffers. Imagine if all of 30k Google employees in MTV needs to eat out - even if that means having to build a large food complex near campus. That place will be hotter than Santana Row. It’ll be near 101 where companies are, so much less Nimysm in action to “preserve” the noisy, generally crappy area.

Come on, I am eating my wife’s cooking at my desk right now. No reason why techies can’t do the same. Save for a house!!!

Agree. This is exactly the type of intervention government should be involved.

Government should stop walmqrt, whole foods and costco too? At the end of the day they almost eradicated all small neighborhood grocery stores, no? :slight_smile:

Btw employee population for fb probably never had their lunch outside anyway, not sure what is changing.

Walmart is not allowed in SF. But there are plenty of target and one Costco.

??? Do not compute. No free food, not no corporate cafeteria nor placing a limit to its size.

@tomato is at his libertarian phase. Hope he grows out it one day.