Competition For Fellow AirBnBers?

Just get a room at Motel 6 instead…

Come on, and miss out on gasoline station sushi???

I have stayed in many fine hotels and many dives. When I travel with friends we tend to live it up in awesome hotels/resorts. When I travel with the spawn we stay in dives and spend vacation money on food and activities. I made the mistake of staying at a Fairmont once with one of the kids. A special AAA price at $80 including breakfast and valet parking (instead of $300+)had me hooked and booked before realizing the kid would not realize the bargain and see luxury which she had never before seen with me. And never again. :slight_smile: unless another amazing price occurs. I did feel sorry for the valet because the only car the rental car agency had was a mustang convertible and they are hard to get in and out of. The seat was never out of the position I left it in.

The thing with hotels and airlines is that prices can change hourly. The right time makes the difference.

I used to cheap out on the hotels and motels until we got one gross enough that my husband commented on it.

Now we primarily do the suites with kitchens. Tend to be medium quality and we save on meals. What amazes me though, is that they don’t have rangehoods that vent–as if no one ever uses them to actually cook. Set off the fire alarm once (was broiling lamb), and when I called the desk to let them know that nothing was on fire, they said “DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR TO THE HALLWAY. It’ll set off the main hallways alarms and the sprinklers throughout the hotel!” If that’s the consequences for a bit of smoke when cooking, wouldn’t you want a working exhaust fan???

When we vacationed we always got places with kitchens. We’ve rented many timeshares over the years which worked out great for us especially when the kids were younger. They don’t care about pools and activities when they get older and become too cool.