Construction kicks off on 1,000 apartments and condos next to Sunnyvale Caltrain station

Construction on 994 units of housing next to the Lawrence Caltrain station, near the border of Sunnyvale and Santa Clara, will kick off this summer, developer SummerHill Housing Group said on Wednesday.

The development, dubbed Nuevo, will include 988 residential units and six live/work units. About 450 of those units will be for-sale residential units and 537 will be for-rent apartments. The development will also have about 40,000 square feet of neighborhood retail and restaurants.

Once the demolition and grading are complete, SummerHill expects to start construction on the for-sale homes and the apartments in September. The apartments are slated to come online in late 2019. The buildout of the for-sale community will be complete by 2022, SummerHill said.


Nearby there is one new condo development comprises, I think is 1000-2000 (can’t remember the exact number), TOP not long ago. Frankly, not exactly sure where is the new location that the author is referring to. I went to this area every week to buy grocery from Costco. Don’t recall seeing any big empty space.

Probably Monroe and Lawrence?

Article says, “The project is located on 27 acres bound by Lawrence Expressway, Central Expressway and Kifer Road.”

I have seen tons of construction sites, ones being finalized, others breaking ground. There’s one construction site being in the middle of the stage in San Mateo. I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I caught it in a facebook page of a friend.

Also, there’s an area being ready to be demolished in RWC. In the corner of Veteran’s Blvd. and Woodside? At the proximity of Hwy 101. One of the last business there is a taqueria I go there every month or two. They are running out of time, the lease lapses in 2 years.

There are many condo development throughout SV, many of them are for lease only, a bit surprise that the new proposed development is for 50% sale. Don’t know how to interpret this new trend :), leasing is no longer profitable? Or the developer doesn’t have enough capital to fund the whole project hence need to sell some to fund the rest of the development?

I don’t get how they will do that. I don’t think the building would meet freddie/fannie guidelines. They are very particular about what percent of the building is rental and/or commercial space. Maybe it’ll technically be 2 separate buildings.

This morning, I took central east from Lawrence and yes there was huge construction site bound by Lawrence, central and Kifer.

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East or West of Lawrence? East of lawrence is above Costco and are all built-up. Tearing down Bay club?

East of Lawrence. Bay club is located further down at Corvin and Central.

I should be able to see it :slight_smile: must be sleeping :slight_smile: would pay more attention :slight_smile: this week.

That will alleviate some crowded rental market. May be forcing to reduce the rent. Not sure I like to see 3000 cars out there.

Whether they sell or rent condos or apartments, that small portion of units coming into the market will put some brakes on the suffering of renters.

If I were to become a tyrant, I would send all the landlords to face the execution squad. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll find out if you are reading me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just opposite Costco across Kifer Road. I was always looking right to Costco when I enter Kifer from Lawrence, when I looked left, I saw all the buildings were knocked down.

The recently TOP condo near Costco is called Monticello at 3555 Monroe Street. Total 825 units. Asking rent, $2700 to $4000.

Are schools in that part of Sunnyvale improving? There were some newly built SFH across Lawrence on half the corn field near El Camino. If I remembered right they sold for 1.5 to 2M each? Money is pouring into that part of Sunnyvale…

Many hi-tech companies along Kifer including … those guys earn high pay :slight_smile: $200k+ basic + ahem RSUs worth …