Construction workers so hard to find nowadays

Then, you use them for something out of Ripley’s world.

The title says: That’s how they work without Mexicans. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Click on it, very funny if not tragic…:laughing:

Don’t try to force feed FB Kool-Aid to us non-believers/subscribers/users (if there is anyone left on the planet as such besides me)…:slight_smile:

Relax, there’s so much fun on FB

Says the Mrs…but I won’t give in

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FB is junk food for the brain…Full of lies, fantasy and bullshit…Our little forum is a breath of sunshine in an abyss of Internt drivel…

When I am kind of bored, I go to FB and find so many stupid and funny things.

By the way, I use their Messenger to communicate from long time friends I haven’t talked to in 30 years back home and in the US. Easy, no dialing numbers.

Honestly, Pinterest to me sounds up my alley. I can have my personal page paying homage to:

  1. Honda CRX Si (Acura NSX maybe…)
  2. San Tung chicken wings
  3. Jason Chan aka The Machine

It was a tough call between the wings and Jason…:slight_smile:

Construction workers are hard to find because they are already book :stuck_out_tongue:

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